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Update central.. [27 Oct 2006|06:18pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]

Wow..havent updated in about a month

So, let us see the highlights

Um..midterm grades came out...Phenomenal 6, okay 1, and then the other is a bitch and a half...so i'm havta work even harder. Overall, im pleasantly surprised

Hmmf..it is so weird...like this month is the month where every1 is opening up to one another. For example, as most of you know I'm in the SJLA program here at Scranton..which could be compared to an elitist group. Fortunately, 20% of the class isn't. Well, anyhow...we have finally broken down the stuck-up peoples walls and have been having a blast. I really love my philosophy class! My professor is hysterical and it makes me want to punch him...I love it.

Roommate Situation -- He is still a drunken pothead. How bout that.

I love it at Scranton, like I know I say it 24/7, but I'm so glad I chose it. Not only have I met some of the best people I have ever met, but also some of the smartest, the teachers are some of the best I've ever had, the freedom is phenomenal and I just dont want to leave. The sense of community is out of this world, I didnt think it was possible to be this friendly, O, but it is! haha. On top of that, though some classes may be hard, I have never seen teachers who have done so much for me to help me, on top of that, my classmates will do w/e they can for me and vice versa. It is a lot more cooperative than competitive. Unlike high school.

The Play -- Okay so basically my life has been devoted to this show. Every night from 8-11 sometimes 11:30. It is wild! I must make a plug for it. Red, Hot and Cole, although it isnt well known or even good, we do an awesome production. Eileen is phenomenal, broadway star. There is this kid PJ who is basically my best friend, who is the lead in the show, he is a freshman, bio/pre-med major and in SJLA, so basically the kid and I spend most of the day together. The show is next weekend, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Lady wise -- There is one on my mind. :-)

Next week is going to be the hardest week for me this semester. Bio test tuesday, chem test friday, bio practical friday, Tech week --8 pm- 2 am...and then a show thursday night to top it off. I'll survive, there is no need to worry!

I never wrote about coming home for fall break -- Okay, so i came home for fall break and was pleasantly surprised to see so many people and have them so happy to see me. I saw, LAUREN MURAWSKI, Elise, Cece, Patrice, Rob, Matt, Bridget, Court M, Jacque P, Geri, ...im sure there were more people..but it was a very enjoyable weekend. Sometimes, we hung out and watched movies, others we played Mafia, in which Patrice is not the best to play with. We tried to watch, the Exorcist, it backfired. Um, we went to the Eastern State Penitentery (SP) and it was pretty hysterical. Patrice saw her long lost cousin. I enjoyed being home and seeing my mom and dad and stuff, and of course, my sister. It is weird, i didnt think i would miss them all that much, and like I dont when im at school b/c I dont have time to miss them. As awful as that sounds, as I saw them, I realized i missed them and being home finding out about neighborhood problems. Haha. Gossip session with my mom about neighborhood scandals. haha. I honestly am so happy that I know that these senior kids and i are still good friends. I miss my Ryan buddies and im glad that when kelly and I came back, it went back to old times minus like the play stuff, but w/e. haha

Jeez, I have been spending a lot of time with my retreat buddies and it is amazing. To top that off, I love going to Church here! I never thought i would say that, but it is true!! The priests are hysterical and their homilies are outstanding.

I am volunteering at a Hospice Center, which is always interesting! It is quite sad but what do you expect?

I must throw in that I love the lack of drama in my life haha, nevermind the little bit of play, but that is with the one person that every1 hates, so technically, it doesnt count haha.

Hayride tonight with the play kids, can't wait because it is going to be amazing just like me and you and cindy loo who.

O YES...my friend Laura and I went to this ghost hunting thing here at Scranton and we were freaking out. These guys from our school like are real ghost-hunters. If you don't believe in it than move on to the next paragraph. At first I thought it was corny and such but then they started showing pictures with ghosts in them and stuff. Normally, I would say they were put in there, but you just had to see the pictures! It was pretty amazing! needless to say, we saw pictures of what ACTUALLY happened with the Amityville house. The kids were friends with him(the new owner post murder)before he died but it was pretty entertaining and they had creepy kids in pictures and basically, Laura and I kept looking out the window out of fright.

3 new favorite songs:
1. Everything That I Am -- Tarzan
2. Beautiful -- Dont remember her name it is amazing...Elise, Lauren, Cece you would love it
3. The animal song -- savage garden

If I think of anything else worth mentioning I will update it later

Spank me

I miss you all kids!

Drop me a line here and there

Ill be home the 17th so, 3 weeks kids


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Life of a College Student [02 Oct 2006|12:32am]
[ mood | determined ]

O wow..the life of a college student is not only fun but it flies by!

Um, in reality, the amount of work that I am swamped with sucks. I have 6 classes and 2 three hour labs. Being a Biology/Pre-Med Major with a Double Major in Philosophy and involved in the SJLA program are apparently time consuming.

Jeez, I feel like i havent talked to many people and I know a few people read my entries, so this can catch them up.

I am doing pretty well in all of my classes with the exception of 1 or 2. Right now, everyone is doing poorly in Biology Lab and then I myself am doing poorly in Chem Lab, b/c my professor speaks very limited English. NATURALLY,he is the only chem lab teacher like that. haha. I am doing pretty well for myself otherwise. The class average was a 68 in chem and I came out with a 91. Spanish was like an 82 and i came out with a 96 1/2, Biology was an 81, i got a 97. I am just trying to do what I can, and I think that it is paying off.

I met many many new cool people. Ishita, Sezin, Joanne, Mike, Bahar, Jenn, Kerry, Chelsea, Dave, Kristen, Jess, Nikki, Lauren....many others just to name a few. College life is definitely different from high school like tho, and I cant say that i miss the high school life. I miss the people and play, but not the learning atmosphere.

So many people here are intelligent. I mean, I knew i went to a school that was smart but like, its not ivy league or anything and a lot of these kids are really intelligent. Lots of valedictorians and salutatorians. That is very exciting and i'm in class with most of them. SJLA is like the best thing, it makes me learn among the best.

My roommate...Jeez, um he is an alcoholic and a pothead. He drinks and smokes in my room. On the other hand, he is respectful most of the time, nice many times and just a nice kid a couple times as well. He is very quiet..which means..I dont approve JK

Teachers are awesome! My Spanish teacher is awesome. I love that i'm at a college where even in my intro classes my teachers know my name. THAT IS SO MUCH FUN! Haha. Mainly because our intro classes cant exceed 40, b/c we dont have classrooms designed for it

I am working as a tour guide, or at least training to be one, I should be one in the spring.

I hang out with lots of upperclassmen, including the play kids. Basically, im in Liva arts, we are doing red, hot and cole, a review of cole porter. I am 3 parts. My friend eileen is phenomenal and is the lead..she is to die for. Kelly got a lead as well. My friend PJ is the lead..he is a freshman and amazing. the people are so fun and just awesome. I went over our directors apartment to watch tivoed Grey's Anatomy and I just love her and every1.

Jeez, lots of inside jokes but no one from college reads this so, w/e.

cece and elise came to visit at one point..that was very nice ...as did rob...another nice treat.

This weekend was parent weekend! My family came to see me, they brought supplies etc, food, and took me shopping..i was happy. i wanted clothes..

IT IS FREEZING UP HERE IN SCRANTON..2 nights ago..it went down to 35 degrees. I didnt pack for this weather until my parents brought the clothes up this weekend.

The food is amazing and stuff

I miss home, I miss people, Fall break for me starts 13-18...I want to have a scary movie marathon friday the 13th..all invited..and then to go to hayrdies of course. I want to see numerous high schoolers while im home as well..PLEASE!!...make some room for me people....ESPECIALLY U PETER PAN!! I didnt even get to say goodbye to you!

Overall, college is stressful, but I am taking the time to enjoy it as well. I havent drank here and am not planning on it, people drink a lot here, but w/e..not many of my friends do...so HOORAY!

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Ps--I miss a lot of people--im not gonna name names..but u should drop me a myspace comment or a text once and a while..TIRdS

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college life [01 Sep 2006|04:31pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

So the first week of college life is through. Must I tell you that it flew by rather quickly

My monday, wednesday, friday classes are fun. Chemistry is fun at the moment. Philosophy is a riot, the priest is hysterical. Spanish, I was originally in advanced but on Tuesday I dropped down to Intermediate where I am quite happy and think I made the right decision, surprisingly I am keeping up with everything he is saying regardless of the entire 50 minutes being in Spanish. My once a week Freshman seminar is a joke..its funny tho.

Tuesday and Thursday...Ugh...So wait..On wed. i have bio lab but they dont start until Sept. 13th, so I have some time. Theology is a killer and I hate it basically, I wish I didnt have to take this at all! Biology isnt all that bad! Chem Lab is taught by an Indian man who does not speak English and it kinda worries me mainly becuase I have no idea what he is saying half the time. so whatever dude! Haha

As far as work is concerned, maybe it's just the first week, but I feel like I am doing my work really well and not falling behind, I am going to the library and even outlining chapters in the textbook. But even better is that from 6-12 I'm always over with Alyssa, kelly and Angela. We have our own little niche now and its nice. Kristen, Dave, Mike, Bahar, Jenn and Courtney are all a part of it..and I love it. I met some great people in SJLA who are super smart and make me feel great. every1 here is smart..which I love because even tho they arent like super smart, no one I have encountered is a lazy asshole, except some guys on my floor. Ishita, Beth, Joe, Maria, Nikki, Brendan, Doug..etc..are all awesome

My roommate is different. he is kinda quite, we talk once in a while, but hey we'll survive the year, most definitely without any fights b/c we never even see each other. Hmmf..So i have been eating healthy, and I have been going to the gym. I want to come home on Thanksgiving and be a different person. Like, I want to be thinner so bad. Every1 is really helpful and I feel like I've known all of my friends for so long.

With that being said...yes I do miss my friends at home. But, I know I will see them so i dont dwell on that concept or else I would be miserable. Believe me when I say that..I see plenty of miserable people.

today was the club fair..Liva arts..is my favorite...Musicals woo..Eileen is alyssa's RA and like one of the club leaders and I am so geting a niche haha. The Choir was too intense so I quit. I signed up for a freshman retreat. Also, Habitat for Humanity and a couple other good quality clubs as well as the Health Professions Organization.

Another thing, Ive been very nice up here..like not very judgmental at all which is what I told myself I wanted. I am very glad. Basically..I love college and Scranton. I am soooo glad I chose this school.. BIOTCHES..


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Ps-Shoes? Dis da breakup song, kristen, kristen you about to be broke up.



Goodbye [26 Aug 2006|12:41am]
[ mood | sad ]

Okay so the last few weeks have flown by...and I thought this day would never ever come...But you know what..there is a time in all of our lives where we must say goodbye and move on...

I want to thank all of you for helping me throughout my life grade school, high school or anything else..and this entry is all about you...Our friendships have meant so much to me..from the rockiest, to the smoothest....All of you guys have become more to me then jsut acquaintances or friends..you are my family..and those I live and breathe for. And as hard as this is going to be for me to say goodbye...I have to do it....to each of you individually...Mind you..there are more people to have helped me then I will write about..but...know that you too hold a place in my heart....

Rob- Hmmf...what proved to be the hardest goodbye for me. Yes, you were my best friend, you were there thru everything I have suffered through and despite the rocky beginning due to my mass amounts of jealousy and ill feelings..you have become more than just a friend..a best friend..you are the brother I have never had..and I will miss you more than you can imagine."And now w/e way our story ends...you have rewritten mine by being my friend" Keep writing that music robert! You will one day turn the world upside down....

Cece- Wow...Another hard goodbye...My rock in most situations...someone I always ran to talk to...You were a fellow kairos leader with me and honestly..I dont think I could have done it without you......."You'll be with me like a handprint on my heart." YOu heart has so much to give and honestly...I cant wait to see you again..you mean so much to me...Your friendship, your honesty, your help, your support, everything....Without it, I can only hope to function properly! Remember you will succeed in all you do!

Elisa- Jeez..bumpy road as of recently..but you have been my longest friend of 12 years...and yes we drifted numerous times but then we came back to each other...somewhat like a boomarang...THrough all of our grade school things like soccer, and your cheerleading, we ran a restaurant.. we laughed, we sang in 6th grade for confirmation but they realized we were receiving ours at st. elizabeth, many years of choir, surprise parties, your funny self, the one year of july 4th at your house and talking to your gangsta cousin..O god, I will miss you Elisa..and you know what...You are beautiful..."Ill be there for you, when the rain starts to pour, ill be there for you, like Ive been there before, Ill be there for you, becuase you're there for me too!"

Lauren--Another hard goodbye..whether you believe me or not..babe! Well, you are one girl who truly made me giggle..from our constant late night chats before you went for your beauty sleep. You constantly knew how to make me laugh and put me in a better mood just by saying "Hi" in your voice..Haha..You have been a great friend..our something there conversations..our repeated photo ops..because we are gorgeous!! I will miss you, but know that you are going to be amazing at whatever you do b/c you're a great person. Advertising! ""BIG BEAT" Whose it gonnnna be..the life of the party?!"

Kelly -- Well my goodbye for you is that I will see you..but you kno that I support you in everything you do..stinker!

Patrice-- O god...Another crier you are.. You know that I love you..you have been nothing but a good friend to me. We had so many great times, Pack, game nights, movies, plays, wicked, trips anything and everything..I truly thank you for all of yor off the wall comments becuase they made me crack up!! Our friendship has been so amazing and you are such a strong girl now...you are growing up and maturing and stick out everything you can..you will survive love! "I'm already there, take a look around, im the sunshine in your hair, im the shadow on the ground, im the whisper in the wind, Im your imaginary friend, and I know that im in your prayers, I'm already there."

Alex--Omg..despite ALL of our rough times..at the most random times we also had the best times and you were my best friend through many times! Pack, lighting the blanket on fire, picture nights, game nights, one shoe for my left foot, anything and everything AGAIN!...Saying goodbye to you was incredibly hard but I know that I will be seeing your name in lights girl. Broadway doesnt know what they are getting because honestly, you never did cease to amaze me. Stay with your dreams and you will be amazing, you have many great things ahead of you...And I know you will make the right decisions! Just don't forget that I love you..and you will always be my Rosie..:-)! "And I, I never thought I'd leave behind my childhood dreams, but I don't mind, Im where and who I want to be, no change of heart a change in me"

Mary -- Hmm..Mary, Mary, Mary...The fights haha..but honestly..I learned so much from you and such! Okay, so yea we fought but, In english class I loved spending it with you because you constantly helped throughout your knowledge. You are so passionate and so intelligent and I know you wont put that to waste..b/c you are not a fool! You are such an amazing girl and I know that you will truly go far in life b/c, I know you. Im sry we had to fight so often but I truly believe it is b/c we are so similar and we saw so much of ourselves in each other, so saying goodbye to you, is kinda in a way, saying goodbye to myself...Keep impressing people! "And everything around her is a silver pool of light, the people around her feel the benefit of it.....Suddenly I see...why the hell it means so much to me"...Suddenly I See..KT Tunstall

Kyle- A rather bumpy relationship we have had. I have gone through times of loving you as a friend to the other spectrum but honestly, I want to leave with you knowing that you have impacted my life. You are a good kid, don't lose that. Keep studying and do what you want with your life. You are such a gentleman and have a big heart and there is no reason for you to shelter that. Open it up and share that with whomever you choose. I'll miss you kiddo, afterall,I was your first friend at Ryan. "So take these words and sing out loud, cause everyone is forgiven now, cause tonights the night.the world begins again"...Better Days..Goo Goo Dolls...

Maddy-- Wow, madalyn..so I must say..what we had was special and I'm glad we experienced it together. WHat i'm more happy about is that you have found the man for you, Mike. Mike is an amazing person and you two deserve one another. You will always hold a place in my heart and I wish you the best luck in the world with everything. You have so much promise and you will go SO far in life. Our friendship has meant so much to me, and I hope that one day I can pay you back for all the things you've done for me. "I'd give it all for you, I'd give it all to hold you again to feel I'm completed to know there and then that all that I needed was you..to fight the fear..and now your here."

Matty--Hmmf--you are my boy. We have had us many a late night chats with the same opinion and taste in women so its been nice browsing with you! You are a great kid and also have so much promise with music and everything you put your mind too. Your personality rocks and you and I have always had a distant but yet close relationship where we can trust one another with anything and everything but dont see each other all that often. Rock out kid! "I don't wanna be anything, other than what I've been trying to be lately, all I have to do is think of me and my piece of mind"

Nikki H--O man..Great friend, especially through this summer. You know I love you and this summer has proven to me that you have been there for me. Random new york trips to see shows, hangout sessions, long talks, laughs, cries, everything. Stay awesome..."Because of you, I never strayed too far from the sidewalk, because of you I learned to play on the safe side so I dont get hurt"

Bridget--You are such a cute child of god. Haha, I love you, and you know that. When we hang out, we laugh and smile. Through talking and everything else, I am going to miss your sillyness...Love you girl! "Oh well, it seems likes such fun, until you lose what you had won"

Amanda-- Okay..so you've been such a good friend to me. Through 4 years of help on anything, and play, and smiling, and jokes, and trips, and chats, and kisses and hugs, and sexual innuendoes (sp. sry im sad) we have become good friends and you are TRULY going to be amazing at whatever you do...Just keep reaching for those dreams my little love child! "Shine your light down on me, lift me up, so I can see...shine your light, when you're gone, give me the strength to carry on." Shine Your Light

As you all know very well, you have touched me "my heart you pervert" in so many ways. I take this time to thank you all again and remember..

In the words of John. Q.

This is not goodbye....

It's I'll see you later!

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Hmmf..so [15 Aug 2006|11:33pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Alright so..basically...I havent written in here for a while and its fine with me

As you know..I started my job...therefore..everyday would consist of....I had work..it was great...this happened..so..Im just gonna sum all of those days up by saying work has been pretty great. I am ranked 5th in the district as best salesman of a product we are pushing...and that is pretty sweet. I have been complimented by the general manager as well as the store manager and have been begged not to leave for college....

Vacation.. Phenomenal

1. The family fought a good amount of times but it was wasnt anything we couldnt handle.
2. Our place was crazy weird..but we had a good time.
3. My mom does good vampire impersonations and never play games with my dad
4. It is fun to name all the geese, ducks, turtles and swans in your backyard on the lake.
5. Busch Gardens is still in my top 3 amusement parks...i met the cast of the one show..and told them how awesome they were..they inturn told me I should go down and work there because i would fit in really well.
6. Colonial Williamsburg was interesting as always..i dont care if its educational it's fun
7. Ghost tours are always fun to attend and learn about stories from William and Mary and the city of Williamsburg
8. Eating at a Haunted Dinner Theater was one of the highlights of the trip...I flirted with some of the stars so I could get free clues out of them..cause I'm just that awesome.
9. Slowly have become addicted to the god awful show..The O.C.
10. Missed some friends in the fact that I ddint have any1 to talk to at 11pm-3 in the morning. haha
11. Nikki and I had fun playing the And Then There Were None computer game.
12. I had the quote of the vacation concerning the container that smelt like iced tea mixed with...ass..

That basically sums it up for me....and that is great

I came home from vacation and have been working since...I've seen...Hmmf...one night..Rob, Nikki, Patrice, maddy, lauren, kelly, elise and cece and it was awkward towards the end of the night.

I have been going thru my room throwing things out and packing for college...I went for my computer today and did things for my money situation at college at the bank.

Got offered a job either at the hollywood video up at scranton..or a bank up at scranton...either one sound fine to me.

Hung out with Swiker and Steph Z. tonight..it was pretty fun and I love those girls they always make me smile..i just wish we could have hung out way more often over the summer..but we've all been busy with work.

Happy Birthday Madalyn..and basically..that is all

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Wow against my tradition [24 Jul 2006|11:31pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Wow..this is against my beliefs to update less than once a week but i must

I have been thinking about many things---but first todays update

Today was good..woke up at 1 ish....mother, sister and I went to linens and things and bed bath and beyond to set up a college registry thing..it was quite fascinating..i liked those little scanner things...I am extremely excited. Um came home at like 6..and ate till like 6:30..it was late..i was tired and feeling blah..so i stayed in and watched Running Scared..a very action packed movie..see it..then watched more tv until where i am now..i needed today away from EVERY SINGLE FRIEND OF MINE! in all honesty....

1. Found out my 2 roommates saturday..it was interesting..i dont want to have two..nor do i want the one kid who my friend rosie knows and says is a problem... I am somewhat worried..but at the same time..know that just b/c i am rooming with them it doesnt mean i am going to be friends with them. Things will be fine...i will survive..

2. College itself is beginning to scare me..for instance..i have an awful feeling that I wont talk to many of my hs friends once im there...i want to..and plan on it..but i just dont know..like....I tend to get very wrapped up in things..and quite frankly myself...and forget to just drop them a line once in a while to see how they are doing adn if they are alive.

3. I am extremely pleased with my workplace..it is fun and the people there are a refreshing change of personalities and lack of drama..i enjoy that...i am glad it takes up a good portion of my time now

4. I am also extremely annoyed with reading constantly how all OR most..i dont want to get any pissy comments so i changed my word chooice.. my female friends keep saying they will never find a guy like the ones in movie..Well...hmmf that works two ways...see..i want a girl like in movies too..one that isnt so clingy..that doesnt constantly want to hang out..and personally loves everything i like....that will actually do things that are romantic instead of leaving it up to the guy....like lets be honest here....i havent found a girl like that either...so lets stop dreaming about movie stars and their fake cahracters...tehy are CHARACTERS for a reason...ugh

5. I find it funny how I havent seen or heard from many of my friends in some time....post-graduation says alot...it also makes things easier for me...so thats all...um.

6. I notice that since I stopped calling people..my phone has suddenly become vacant except from Patrice and Rob...i hate making the plans but when I dont..i never see my friends..and to be honest..I dont think most of them care....and if ur not patrice or rob..it MAY include you...

7. I have determined today that I can do whatever I want..and to be honest..im smarter than some people think I am...so watch and we'll see!

I think that is the bulk of what I have been thinking about..but as you can see..it is plenty..and I think they are part of the reason y I was feeling so blah tonight o well!

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Dont worry guys for those of you who dont want to ..I leave on the 26th of August..so you never have to see or speak to me again...WOO! for you!

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Jeeze... [23 Jul 2006|11:03pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Jeeze...let's think....ihave to start way back to last friday

Hmmf---lauren, elise, cece, kelly, patrice, rob and I hung out..patrice left early..but we played games....we had a cupcake making experience where patrice and I did a frosting conversation. then kelly attacked me..and got icing on my floor..i worry about her..o well..haha...tehn we took a trip to my woods..where it was dark and spooky....we thought kelly and elise were trying to scare us but they werent..lauren was frightened so we went for a walk..haha...and went home..and then we called it a night later on.

Saturday - Wat was supposed to be our day in jersey for the picnic..but lauren couldnt go..so..it was dumb for just me, rob, alex and patrice to go so we didnt..but then by the time we were ready to do anything it was pretty late in the day so me rob and nikki hackett went to New Hope. The shops there smell like ass, mold, rain, grossness..and it was like 10000 degrees and 100% humidity. haha..gross...the car ride was enjoyable we laughed and such...came home to my house...we ate stuff and just had a grand night of hanging around and chatting!

Sunday--- woke up and went to church ...rob came over around 2 and we left to go to the train station at around 3:45...thinking the train was 4:06, like the online schedule said..but we forgot it was wrong and it runs on the 34's...so we were there quite some time haha...anyhow..we got to new york..and had some time to walk to the theater....got right in..the atmosphere was phenomenal and our seats were amazing! Then again you couldnt get bad seats in that theater...25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee..download the I Love You Song..its great..ask cece and kelly haha....i laughed more during that show then all the shows i saw combined..it was just hysterical and the harmonies were amazing..they seemed easy but they really arent that easy...after the show..we took the train home and got to cornwells around 12:15...took rob home and then i came home and slept...

Monday--basically slept thru the day....woke up...laid out and got some more color...and read a lot of my book........then i bummed around..i think..who knows ..hell's kitchen and treasure hunters?

Tuesday--woke up, and read another shit load of my book, and then played a computer game, my job interview was at 4:15...i got it..which was phenomenal...right afterwards...my mom took me to rob's house so we could leave for the kelly clarkson concert. haha..well...let me just say...we got there and there were a lot of people pre-gaming surprisingly..haha..it was me and rob, dana, nikki, kimmi and her b/f....they had seats we got lawn seats..we waited in the line to get in..dana and i made many a joke..i love her..it was hotter than satan's ass...some lady fell in her chair and it ate her..and dana freaked out....then we got these cool tattoos to try and get us better seats..then Q102 gave us free fans..then rob and I went and got amazing lawn seats....met up with ang pagano, the drudings and their cousin..we hung out with them and chatted away and suddenly the skies opened and took a major leak on us..the winds werent that bad...it got cooler which was nice but then the downpour started..and im talking we got soaked..we hid under a blanket but it seeped thru...we tried to keep a little girl dry..haha...every1 inside laughed at us..we didnt care..then later..we found kelly foley and then rooney came on..but screw them..k-clark came on..and sang almost all the songs from the breakaway album minus, i hate myself for losing you, you found me and where is your heart..then she sang the ford commercial song AND...a few new ones as well as songs that she sang for the hurricane katrina victims..the concert was great..but short...mainly cause it was delayed and they needed to end it so people could get the last ferry over..but we were officially kelly's largest audience EVER..woOO! we waited in the parking lot for 1000 hours..then finally left..went to wawa to get something to eat..and ate..then nikki took me home......

Wednesday - WOO..patrice's barbecue..."barbecue" ..i was really happy tho..cause maddy was back from the trip and i wanted to hear all about it..and im glad i heard about it..b/c it sounded phenomenal...i can see how some of those people were annoying tho...there was a little bit of unspoken drama..too..not involving me tho..haha...i was having a good time...pat and kim had already left tho...so it was like..me, rob, mike, maddy, anthony, bridget and patrice...rob, maddy and i acted out patrice's play which was very hysterical...
"You shoulda used a rubber"..."You are so gay..but I love you." "Laura is having a baby on stage" .."I want to go over the hems of your skirt." O PATRICE! Overall ..i had a really enjoyable night with people I hadnt seen in QUITE some time! I went home for rob's curfew and b/c i had my frist day of work the next day "RUMOR MILL...rumor...mill...dance dance.."

Thursday-- i worked from 10-3...basically it was a pretty okay day..it drug on..i felt like i was way over my head with the stuff u needed to kno..i mean..it is a lot more than 1 would think...but i love shanda so i knew i'd be fine...i got thru my shift and my mom took me home..i was extremely tired haha..so i stayed in the rest of the night..and rob came over and we watched big brother and the results from so you think you can dance...NEW GOOD SONG

DOwnload--Lamentation by Leah Andreone ..it is so sad..but good

Friday--woke up...did some chores and such..then had work from 5-12:30..so it was an all nighter..and i missed nikki hackett's party..sorry girl..happy bday...YUM!...work was pretty fun tho...I met a woman..her name is kathy..another worker...reminds me SOO much of ms. kaminski! love her..anyhow..we laughed a lot..me, her and shanda..have too much fun working...shaking our booty...it was fun!!! i got outta work at like 12:40..after i stocked candy and soda etc..and went to pick rob up..i had rented final destination 3, doogal and benchwarmers..which is cool b/c FD3 and Bench. arent out until tuesday. we watched them and actually enjoyed bench. doogals was weird..but we already saw FD3....

Saturday--me and rob hung out in the morning..we slept till like 11:30..then we watched doogal or w/e..i took him home..and then had work 5-12:30 again...funny thing happened tho..kathy got off at 5..so b/c im the only one who drives..that becomes relevant later on....kathy was off at 5..and shanda wanted beer from the distributor...shanda is over 21..so kathy walked there and got it..and she was gonna walk back..and i was like..um HECK NO!...so they volunteered me to pick her up..so i go and get her..and forget to park the car and hit the building slightly..and then we put the 24 pack in my car and then bring it into hollywood video and hide it...funny how..our manager guy..gene..the guy who hired me walked in later..and basically..told me that i am doing awesome and that shanda is ranting about me
..so basically got out at like 12:20..missed elise's party.,.but called her and love her..muah...got my dorm stuff from scrnaton..triple..boo...my friend rosie know 1 of my roommates..who is apparently..smart..so yea for 1 of my roommates..i ended up taking this girl amanda home that i work with..yea! haha!...

Today--slept thru church..boo....went to work from 12-5..it was fun..some lady told me i sing well..i like her...haha..rented running scared, history of violence and pink panther..um...basically now..i love my job.,...after work came home..parents had their friends over..i picked up their food for them...came home...patrice and rob were there...talked to them...then we went out mini-golfing...met maddy and mike there...had a really grand time..i really enjoy mikes company..he makes me laugh actually..nice kid..then maddy is just funny all the time..and patrice and rob too..haha..we just had a good time..and then we even ate too..WOW!..haha..we are awesome! went to patrice's for a little while..and now i am back here....getting ready to watch running scared and talking to nikki hackett and lauren about her first day of work

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Work Schedule this week: Monday - Off
Tuesday - 11-2
Wednesday - Off *possible zoo*
Thursday - 5-10:30
Friday - 6-10
Saturday - 2-10

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Change all the time [14 Jul 2006|10:38pm]
[ mood | devious ]

Okay…so that last entry was just to see who would freak out b/c my entry was really short..bAHAHA…not that funny but here is an update..A LONG ONE

July 3rd- went bowling with rob, mary, elise and Patrice. Naturally, we all screamed some really funny things at each other when we were trying to bowl like; Dandelion, you suck at piano, acutane, birth control, paul died, remember when you sucked, tear your acl, break your ankle…etc. We founded the Bowling group, haha, and just talked and laughed. We decided to discuss good books and things. I got a turkey no idea how but I did. Then we left and I drove us to Burger King. Some asshole went 60 thru the parking lot and almost killed us, that was fun, NOT. We sat and talked about the play the seniors are going to make and how me, mary and elise think that we should be the characters in it, but apparently that was already discussed.

Independence Day – An overall good day. I had to go to my aunt’s house for a party. My mom-mom, mom, dad, sister, cousins tina and sue, aunt bj, and my cousin’s boyfriend eddie. We sat and talked and played a few games. We ate and laughed. I cleaned their closet of games out because it was atrocious and I freaked out b/c I hated how dirty it was. What not! So, we came home around like 7:30 b/c my parents were tired and had work the next day and such…so then rob and Patrice had nothing to do so they came over and we went swimming. We had a good time, then wanted fireworks so we went to the bowling alley parking lot to buy some fireworks, the funny thing was…the people selling them were a church organization..BAHAHA…um I had to purchase the fireworks b/c….im the only 18 year old..nice for me..haha…we went home and put them off..they were pretty..and we had fun. Patrice and I thought a couple of the fireworks were going to hit us in the face. But anyhow..they left later and it was just a good day

The 5th and 6th – my body was extremely tired these two days.. I would awake at around 12..then just feel like shit…moped around..watched some tv..I didn’t feel like doing anything which was okay b/c no one called me to do anything anyway…I forgot how if I don’t call people..i don’t get called…PS—this doesn’t apply to any of those people who weren’t home during this time…which is most of my friends haha…..Rob came over to watch tv naturally, cause I had nothing else to do…and I was on the phone with Kelly on the 6th for quite some time. She makes me laugh..she called me at like 12 in the morning..it was cool tho..i love her

Friday—That was the day of my grad party for my friends. Im kind of surprised by who showed up, but I am happy. Jacqui was there! Ang, Jay, Wunder, Rich, Swiker, Steph, Paul, Katherine, Ashley, Meg, Mary, Patrice, Kelly Wilk, Sara bonner, Matt, Quann, Lauren Boyle. *****Lauren M****, Rob..i think were all the people..i prolly missed someone…o Steven..one of my fave people..how could I forget. Hmmf..i ended up finding out my AP scores too which was nice. A 5 in Calculus, a 4 in stat, which is fine, I only needed a 3. To my surprise, I got a 3 in English, which counts for an elective at Scranton, which works for me considering I didn’t do shit all year and still managed to get a 3 on the AP test. WOW! Yea for me!! The party was quite entertaining. Many people swam, once most people left it was a Disney scene it duel between 3 teams..the play crowd –jacqui, matt, Patrice and Lauren…..Me, swiker and steph…and then laurboy,wunder, and rich…Wunder’s team won..which was a shock and I loved it..every left around 11:30..and the play kids stayed around…we played more games and Kelly and nikki showed up later to hang around..it was all very nice.

Saturday—Family Graduation party day…um my family came over and I spent a lot of time with both my cousins named Michelle. Haha, we laughed. Rob was over, as were cece, elise and Kelly. The foley’s, mrs. Stoop, the gilberts and hajnas all came over as well. That, my friends, was exciting. Haha. We all laughed and talked and just hung around. I got a good amount of money and talked to a lot of my family which was nice, I love being treated as an adult now, in my family its kind of like, you get treated like a child until you graduate, so im quite excited. Later once most people left, me, elise, cece, and Kelly started watching camp, and rob and his cuz Nick came and watched it too..We decided to leave to go see the 10:10 Pirates of the Carribean movie…haha, it was the death of me long…I wanted to die…..kelly took home, cece, rob, nick and nick’s sister Brooke, and I took home elise. What a long night..I got in around 1:30. UGH! Haha

Sunday – I decided to sleep in past church..b/c I really didn’t care. Then..i went to the stoop’s for a barbecue at like 2 ish….we watched Munich and I laughed as rob’s mom, dad, aunt and uncle all fell asleep on the blow up beds as rob and I were watching Munich, then his uncle started to snore funny. It was mildly entertaining, I left as soon as the movie was over and headed home. At home, I rushed to pack, finished packing and me, mom and dad got on the road to Scranton. A little less than 2 hours, like it is supposed to, was our travel time. I asked my parents the top 10 lists and we listened to Rent and Putnam County. It was not a long trip at all really. So, we were staying at the Hilton, which was quite lovely. We sat in for a little, I called Angela, we met her and her mother over at Scranton for like 10 minutes and it began to rain, so we went back to our designated hotels. Me, mom and dad watched United 93, it was “a good movie,” I don’t really know how you can describe a movie like that..it was impactful, and brilliant.

Scranton Orientation – Wow..so we got to Scranton on Monday morning…early! Naturally, we forgot to get the clothes and everything for staying over out of the car, so we had to go get the car and go out of the way..DUMBIES..haha…we got all the good stuff.. I registered, got my room key, my roommate for the night was Doug Jones, AKA, that is my dad’s name, haha, my binder, my Scranton ID picture and everything was wonderful..and ORGANIZED..haha…mom, dad and I went to my dorm room to put my stuff down..It was hot so we put the fan on, I met doug and his mom, the dorm wasn’t that tiny, so I was okay with that. Found out later that I am prolly going to have to triple in a standard double because I replied back so late that I was coming…..basically more people are coming then they have dorm room for so some freshman have to triple, its $2000 cheaper tho..that’s cool! Basically, over the 2 days I had a lot of fun. Kelly, Wunder, Angela and I hung out a lot and got closer. I met some really awesome people, mostly my fellow Bio/Pre-Med kids…One girl’s name is Nikki and she is just like..basically..a possible great friend..brendan too, and casie, and Katie and nina..haha.and matt..good good kids! We had to take 4 placement tests…Chemistry, Spanish, Math and “Writing.” We ate the food, which is delicious actually, NO COMPLAINTS FROM ME! Um, went thru residential life meeting and found all the alcoholics in my class for instance. This is a funny one, first: Question:..What happens if you have someone of the opposite gender still in your room past curfew?....Alcoholics: “Can your RA just barge into your room, and if they can, are they allowed to check out your refrigerator?” “How many times can I get caught with alcohol before getting kicked out of the school” haha! We met about University Ministries, we did team bonding things, and at night they had a dance in which, Me, wunder, Kelly and ang went to still the chicken nuggets and rice krispie treats…THOSE RICE KRISPIE TREATS WERE AMAZING!! We had a lot of fun basically.. We were done by 1:30 on Tuesday. Funnier story…So I had my academic advising for my schedule Tuesday morning in rotations. They had already given me a schedule but had to check out my placement test results. Funny, the group had an hour for that rotation..I was with MY advisor for 45 minutes discussing so much. First of all I tested out of 9 credits and get 9 free credits, also, with my major, I never have to take math again! I was okay with it , then they looked at my math scores and saw that I got 59 of the 60 questions right of basic algebra, algebra II, trig, pre-calc and calculus. Haha…so they tried to convince me to become either a math major or a bio-math major, I told them no. In turn, I gave them hell about 5 classes on Monday. Haha..seeing as though im in the SJLA program, basically freshman honors, for the top kids, I have 6 classes and 2 labs. Then I got my Spanish test results back and they decided to put me into Advanced Spanish! GREAT, haha, but I am calling and going to Intermediate, there is NO way I can survive Advanced..I am telling you! My chemistry placement was funny b/c…it was like a national exam and you could test out of chem112 and go to chem.113 if you scored in the top 10 percentile of a national college freshman chemistry cumulative exam. So I was thinking right away that I was going to be in the lower 50 percentile category, I laughed during the entire exam and out loud too, ask Angela. I guessed most of the 45 questions haha…then I get the results back and I was in the 50-69 percentile..meaning I beat 50-69 percent of the college freshman who took the chemistry exam in the nation after just finishing the course..nevermind the fact I had cubbage and sophomore year…O gosh! ..basically…orientation was the shit..and I cant wait for SCRANTON!

Tuesday night – Rob and I watched treasure hunters from Monday and then hung out and watched Master of Disguise later...good times

Yesterday—long day..woke up and mowed the lawn..after that I lounged out by the pool, Oh, how nice that was. I got some more color, came in and read some more of my wonderful book. Haha. Later went to rob’s house…Patrice said she would call with plans, so I told Lauren I would inform her later..the time went by and no phone call..so rob, mrs stoop and myself played scrabble and yahtzee…haha…then I called Patrice she said her, alex and Kelly were over alex’s watching friends, well I didn’t get a call hehe, so me Lauren, rob and cece went to cece’s at like 9:30 and watched Practical magic…great movie with Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock..elise and I love her! Elise showed up OBVIOUSLY, after basketball. The Hajnas were out of their infamous iced tea which broke my little heart. HAHA! Anyhow..we finished the movie…after having to stop for me to take rob home and Lauren to go home. Then elise and I left around 12:30 to go home. Left cece’s house and we went down knights everything was fine, elise and I were having a nice conversation and then I turned onto Dunsberry (sp) w/e…and halfway down the street I couldn’t go past 20 mph, so then I tried to brake and it was hard..so I told elise the car was acting funny and I couldn’t go over 15 mph, so I pulled over, and the car basically died…I tried to start it and nothing, put on my flashers and called my dad. Haha, him and mama came and got me and elise and took elise home…me and mom went to the house to get some gas and we went back.. it wasn’t the gas, or the battery…it ended up being the fuel pump..nothing I did, we needed to get it replaced and we did..so now everything is fine. Haha, im glad I didn’t panic..elise and I were just afraid we’d get raped.

Today—woke up like at 1 b/c I didn’t get in until around 3 haha…and spent the day with my sister b/c that is what we had planned. We went to toys r’ us and bought 3 new board games and played 1313 dead end drive from rob. Haha, we laughed and had fun, I enjoyed the day overall…we also went to steve and barry’s and yelled at them for not having Penn State or Scranton..assholes haha. Watched big brother and so you think you can dance..and basically had a very enjoyable night


But this is something I must say. Not really..haha.. I value my friends so much, and you know who you are. There are some friends that I have that I know would do anything for me and I for them. I just don’t get how I must always be the one to call every1 for plans..doesn’t anyone else have a brain to call and make plans. Also, why must we all never hang out together, I miss that.

This is separate but I just thought of it, also lately over the course of like this month I found out the names of like 5 people who never liked me for a few years now…What I must say to them is simple. For being the people of integrity that you all swear you are, being the smart people you think you are, you are pretty stupid. Yes, you may have more book smart then I, but one thing you don’t have over me is a personality, also, street smarts, and the ability to talk to people and not act superior to them. So although you may have been smarter than me in high school, don’t say shit about me being stupid, or not deserving my rank, or anything along that shit. I did fine without all of you, and frankly, am glad that you are out of my life because you are the most two-faced, arrogant people that I know, and frankly, I don’t give a damn my dear….You can go and be fake to people at your colleges.

That is not about any of my close friends obviously, because I love them! Anyhow, I know how amazing this summer has been thus far and I can’t wait to see what else it has in store. Zoo, road trip, bowling, laser tag, peddler’s village, rice’s flea market, new york, broadway, Williamsburg, amazing books, EVERYTHING!

By the way..Elise, Lauren and Cece…and any1 else…you guys should listen to this song and read the lyrics..it is very beautiful….Why by Annie Lennox!

Change Quotes
“That's the risk you take if you change: that people you've been involved with won't like the new you. But other people who do will come along.”

“It's not that some people have willpower and some don't. It's that some people are ready to change and others are not.”

“Change is inevitable, except from vending machines.”

“Just because everything is different doesn't mean anything has changed.”

“To exist is to change; to change is to mature; to mature is to create oneself endlessly.”

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okay [14 Jul 2006|12:09am]
[ mood | creative ]

Wow..the last 2 weeks were pretty amazing thanks to everyone that made them cool

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Would love to... [03 Jul 2006|12:27am]
[ mood | drained ]

I would love to update day by day...


I dont think i remember enough.

Friday, the 23rd...--Um...so we hung out at patrice's... patrice,rob,kelly,mary,maddy and mike ...we played family feud and loaded questions...and laughed and had fun..bahaha...Patrice said that leaves are fruit that are green when they ripen...it made my life..they watched disney movies..but i couldnt commit myself to them other than mike and I talking about how we jerk off to Jasmine on a daily basis

Saturday, the 24th -- Hmmf...Im sure i slept most of the day..then i remember miss kelly foley's party was that day..I drove -cece, rob and patrice. we had a really grand time...others came at later times..it was quite enjoyable..including my parents...i pretty much talked to cece most of the night..and kelly..haha...then after most people left it was me, rob, cece, patrice, elise and kelly and brianna cannelli (sp) left. We went outside with kristen and her friends who were drinking haha...they wanted us to play..elise and rob grabbed some...kristen loves me..as do many of her friends. haha ...we had a good time..i came home after dropping off the rest of the kids..haha...it was a nice night

Sunday--Went to church...hung out for a while at patrice's to help bridget and patrice do college stuff. I think i helped patrice..bridget already did more than what I would have thought haha. Ill have to help her later..with more detailed things. So i drove us all back to my house....and then rob came and we went to amanda's grad party....we stayed there for awhile and talked...elise, kelly, dave and courtney were there too..and a couple of other people..vicki, emily, lauren. ...so we left later and the 8 of us went to my house to play games..haha we ended up playing..uh..quip it..and laughed really hard..then rob, kelly, patrice and bridget left...and elise, dave, courtney and i had great heart to hearts..i enjoyed them...dave and I had a nice talk and continued it online that night..it was a much needed talk..thank god for dave! haha

Monday--my dad's bday..haha...relaxed the day...went out to lunch with alex, mary and patrice at red robin. Our waiter had his ipod stolen mary and i ridiculed him, and mary attempted to convince him that suicide was the answer. we laughed..and eventually left...we hung out...went to sally's to get the girls hairdye...i allowed patrice to buy colored hair gel for me...we went to alex's and watched pirates of the carribbean. Both mary's and patrice's hair were lovely. Mine, on the other hand, could have been better. Because of this, I took out the gel and did it myself. Later, I had to go to Red Lobster for my dad's birthday.. That was very fun. I was full though, so I took the extra food, to Alex's..but they were at patrice's. Then, I drove to patrice's we hung out there for awhile..Then rob came..and he and I had to go to my house to workout..we did some taebo..took a walk..cooled down..and went back to patrice's to watch a bit of pretty woman. haha, it seemed like a good movie..then i took rob home and went home myself.

Tuesday-- um..i did something in the morning..prolly involving playing Dinner Dash on the computer..haha.. then i had to get to rob's house..where my sister dropped me off at like 2:30...we had to go downtown and purchase the tickets to see godspell b/c that was my bday present for my mom, we got down there, patrice and bridget wanted to come...so we bought the appropriate tickets. went back to rob's..then went to my house to inform my mother, she freaked out and went to get ready. we left, and picked up bridget and patrice and we all went down to the show. Once again, the show was phenomenal, just as I knew it would be. Marsha and Jenny are still my favorites. Woot...so we all went home to our houses post-godspell..and did w/e..i believe i played on the computer and tlaked to kyle late at night to attempt to keep him awake..it was my job.....we laughed a lot

Wednesday- as awful as it sounds..i dont remember wednesday at all..so MAYBE..i should just strike it out of my list..haha I prolly hung out with rob and watched movies..as a matter of fact...we may have...i think he came over after work..like at 5ish..and we watched god knows...some movie ..honestly..i dont think wednesday ever happened now that I think about it..

Thursday--hung out once again...during the day..prolly doing nothing...haha..then in the afternoon/night i watched movies with rob..we watched the animal, hot shots part deux, and double take..haha...he enjoyed them...thats all i can really think about that happened on thursday too..ive been quite lazy this summer..ACTUALLY

Friday-- woke up..were going to go to the zoo..but we didnt...instead we kinda just hung around, we were supposed to go see sean's play that night..but alex couldnt go, so we didnt haha, patrice was going to hang out with me and rob, but she never called us back. We ended up hanging out with Nikki H. haha...rob, nikki and I established that we wanted "dessert", or w/e..ice cream..so we went to wawa bought some ice cream and it was delicious. started watching ellen degeneres haha...but amanda and michael..rob's brother and his g/f...came home...so we had to get out of the basement..nikki left at like 12 ish..we went to bed...

Saturday--Woke up at 7:30..we left the house around 7:45 ish to go to the train station. Found out the train wasnt scheduled to come until 8:36 rather than 8:06..haha i was just tired of standing so I sat on the AIDS-ridden bench.. The train eventually came we got on...then we got to Trenton. bought our round trip tickets to new york...and got onto the New York train....and got to new york...yea...we got there around 10:30 ish...b/c of waiting for trains at different times..haha...we decided to go to some rich stores that i couldnt afford and I laughed at the $80 belt i found..haha..i dont get people...then we went to Saint Peter Cathedral? I believe, there was a wedding going on, it was quite lovely, and then we headed to eat at TGIFridays....None of us ate very much b/c well..we were full..Tho, nikki did buy my lunch for me..i love her...O yes, and before TGIFridays...we went to barnes and nobles and I wanted to purchase a bargain book..using Lauren's gift certificate she gave me for my bday..haha..i bought adult only, blonde jokes..haha they are quite funny..ask me about them sometime. Then we went to nederlander theater. Basically, we were standing there, waiting to get in, and Frenchy touched my shoulder, i freaked out, thinking that black bitch, then realized it was Frenchy so I screamed..hey frenchie haha...saw a lot of the cast. Basically, we waited and eventually got in, our seats were phenomenal Orchestra, left side, row g. They were basically perfect..more perfect could ONly be center..not even closer. haha. haha so basically..i got chills the ENTIRE show....I would die to have a taste of what angel had...someone unafraid to say I love you..PROLLY MY FAVORTIE LINE>.in the whole show...Mimi was my only complaint of the show..despite being talented she sounded like a black pop singer, wasnt my favorite actually. but, w/e..after the show every1 left, we went to the bathroom, came down and I met, mark, maureen, joanne, i screamed to benny and collins and angel. Um roger had his kids so I couldnt see him. Mimi may have come out while i was in the bathroom. still..i told maureen she was amazing..she thanked me..she is gorgeous..yummy. haha.....i couldnt get their autogrpahs b/c no pen, but nikki had one, but she was in the bathroom. BIOTCH! Haha, so we kinda just hung out..afterwards..i twisted my ankle and fell into trash juice, we went into the music store, broadway basically..it was grand...and then there was this annoying girl who was all about Brazil in soccer. um we then went back to catch the train. took a train home, after waiting for a while until the 5:56 came, then got to trenton and had to wait until the 7:46 train home. got in..then back to my house..i felt like shit and wanted to shower...i felt awful and had to get my parents the bocchee ball set..went to the stoops for their 4th of july bash....mom was pretty intoxicated..dad wasnt..they were having a good time..talked to michael and amanda for a while as well as mrs. stoop. She told me my mom called her a whore, and I laughed, in reality my mom called her a tart...which means whore or w/e...haha....i thought it was funny..nikki, rob and I started to watch pearl harbor...enjoyable...i left with my parents

Today--Woke up...went to church at 11:30..afterwards hung around and played a game on the computer..then went outside to mow the lawn, it was soo hot out that u was severely sweaty..it was gross...as were my mom and dad from doing house work..i was gonna shower again..2 hours after i did the first time..but instead i decided to get my swimsuit on and went swimming..haha....styaed in there until rob came..all 4 of us were in the pool..it was nice...refreshing..cleaned it up a bit, blew up some floats, rob and i got into a water fight, a wrestling match, a raft war, basically just causing a riot...hhaa...we all got out...parents finished odds and ends...we ate burgers and corn and quesadillas haha..then rob and I finished pearl harbor..i played a game..we decided it was time to call lauren about the movie..we did...7:10 movie at woodhaven, the devil wears prada. Me, lauren, stoop, patrice, nikki and dana. it was quite enjoyable..i laughed when lauren screamed at a preview...we all did....the movie was good though...um then we left...i called seatsies with lauren..YEs...then we went outside and tried to decide wat to do..so we basically...drove to get rob gas..then wawa..i got a chipwich and a milkshake..and then we cmae back to my house..were going to watch rent..put it on but instead..i found out that i would rather see that Idina Menzel is in a new Disney movie..and Im quite excited..its called Enchanted it looks pretty interesting..typical..but interesting


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Graduation Party-- Friday--come if u were invited, if u werent invited and think u should have been ask me, or if I dont like you and/or you dont like me, you wouldnt be invited. haha

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Disney Trip...basically... [23 Jun 2006|03:42pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Okay..so i want to give an update upon my amazing disney vacation....

Seeing as though it was a long ass trip....I am not going to do my usual..update every single day thing...but instead name the 25..best things of the vacation..maybe throw in some other random facts etc.

But i will tlak about the Tuesday b4 we left. Seeing as though, I hadnt packed yet..Tuesday consisted of me packing and getting everything I hadnt gotten yet. Then at night i watched television and relaxed..basically!!!!....Woke up 4:30 o clock the next morning so I could be ready to leave for the airport by 5 with Robert and Amanda.

Trip Highlights..In no particular order....

1. At the Italian Restaurant like the 2nd day..I was walking into the bathroom..and like you know how you jsut walk in..well i did..and i hit this little kid in the head with the door..and then he was like OWW..to his dad and I so..i said...Im sorry..are you okay?...the dad proceeded to give me a dirty look and push by me.....My take on this: Seriously who opens the bathroom door a crack to make sure no one is there...and besides that..it isnt like i opened it a crack..said to myself look theres a little boy let me hurt him..and swung the door open.
2. The fact that I did every ride at Disney World and universal..as well as Disney Quest..haha..that made my life worth living. Favorite Disney Ride: Rockin' Roller Coaster Favorite Universal Ride: The Mummy ...Favorite Water Ride of All Time: Dudley Doo Right's Ripsaw Falls.
3. Alex and I sharing a bed..and the fact that we constantly would touch butts mainly b/c we had the 2 largest asses on the entire vacation. Then she took up most of the bed...and she claimed that I did a lot of things in my sleep..haha
4. All of us impersonating each other everyday...Me being cece and kelly...cece being me...me kelly and cece being each other....They were my favorites
5. Me and Rob being in one of the shows at MGM...basically..we were extras in which we had thousands of gallons of water dumped onto our bodies....it was quite humorous.
6. At MGM when the guy that walked around named Frances and his friend...She called me her ex-lover..and it was absolutely like my favorite...."He is my ex-lover, goodbye ex-lover, I shun you" hahaha
7. Watching the Chronicles of Narnia in our bathroom....I had to watch it from the bathtub..haha....
8. Alex, Kelly, Cece and I having random conversations really early in the morning..about god knows what..then hysterically laughing..trying to muffle the sounds and laughing even harder.
9. The fact that our Dining Plan was amazing....2 nights our bill came to over $300 and we didnt have to pay becuase it was included in the dining plan we had already purchased. WOOT!
10. The funny call girl...at our Italian restaurant who always ran to get us things..like seriously..she stood behind kelly as she sipped her water..so that she could refill it..i made the joke that when she took a pic of us for amanda..she went to go find a frame to put it in.
11. At planet hollywood...when kelly's burger came out bleeding..and I was going to say to the waitress..WHO SUCKED..not only did she forget kelly's straw but apparently they forgot to cook her burger. ahaha.....and then the manager guy came out with a big ass attitude and was like..can u cut this to make sure it is OKAY....ASSHOLE
12. Spending 6 or so hours in Disney Quest playing arcade games with a good half hour going to Ms. Pacman...she is the shit!
13. Alex taking numerous hysterical videos with her video camera...o goodness me..
14. "Jesus christ timmy dont float over me when Im drowning in the abyss" ...Dane Cook time..amazing and also made us pee alittle
15. The girls *amanda, kelly wilk, sara* finding a 16 year old boy and trying to pick him up..haha..o goodness..at the pool...hookers
16. Rob vomiting after having a swim relay with kelly and I..and then Kelly Wilk vomiting after eating Lobster.
17. the random meeting of people we never thought we would see..Cece saw all of her friends..amanda saw some..I saw my sister's friend Emily and Chris Clare...kelly fol and I saw each other...it was quite humorous.
18. Cece's early morning alarm clock that she would push snooze on like 7 times..what the freak cece...I am going to kill you and your phone.
19. Watching how many people had their kids on leashes in Disney World made my day worth living. Haha...
21. Finding out that both kellys, alex and cece went to the club I told them not too b/c Dan DiGuilio told me it was all homosexuals...and then i laughed mainly b/c..i had No desire to go clubbing.
22. Our flight being delayed and us being semi-obnoxious in the airport and making a few people get up and move.
23. The game the girls had involving how many times I would lay on top of them
24. cece randomly coming in at 2 am...and jumping on me while im sleeping and just randomly cuddling with me..haha
25. the 30 minute wait in security in the orlando airport b/c alex had her laptop and I had a "knife/machete" in my carry-on which happened to be my cd case..baha

Thursday (Yesterday)---woke up went and took my license test..passed only forgot 1 stop sign..and laughed at how awesome I am. just kidding..went over rob's later that night after coming home and sleeping for a few hours..and watched Jungle Book..and half of Mulan..came home to be visited by Cece, Kelly, Lauren and Elise...fun time....we all laughed and such..I missed Lauren and elise big time.

Today--watched the rest of the shows i missed and laughed at how awesome I am as a person. as well as ..getting ready to do some tae-bo with billy banks

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Updation [12 Jun 2006|04:15pm]
[ mood | worried ]

Okay..updation..Tuesday..the 6th...I did the day..so at night..we did go to see the Omen. It was rob, alex, matt, kyle and myself. kyle didnt want to sit with us..b/c it was too close for his eyes. It was enjoyable..alex screamed here and there..and i laughed but it was an entertaining movie..no emmies oscars...w/e.. for it tho.

Wednesday---woke up...rob came over after exams...so we were hanging out...Called alex..and alex and myself had to get to the travel agent to get the rest of our crap haha for Florida. Kyle, mary and patrice werein the car too. So we got to the travel agent and chatted about college and florida and just things. We saw cassie she looks amazing. We then got the last of the things from Greg..thank god..never have to go back haha. After the ticket gathering went back to my house...i had a little while before I had to go out for more driving time at 2:45. It went really well, I had Jason again...came home like 4:15 ish. Rob and i watched the Newsies and then he went home eventually at like...9:30 ish...prolly..and I think I hung out with someone? yes...im pretty sure it was game night for me, kelly, patrice and alex. We played mad gab, and picture this and american idol. Patrice screams purple when the choices are blue and red. We just had a really great time..i love hanging out with those 3 girls.....My dad said it best haha....u kno! haha Hopefully it can occur again eventually......

Thursday--Woke up.....rob came over after exams. We watched the frighteners and shriek if you know what I did last friday the thirteenth. hung out until cece's softball game at 6:30...So we went to rob's around 5:45ish to eat dinner..seeing as tho his mother insists that I eat ham there sometimes..Haha...w/e..haha..so went to cece's game..hung out with nancy and ron....and the bonners..we talekd about disney and how excited we were..Then i talked to kristen english and i told her that i was cheating on cece with kristen. haha..the one girl...#33 got really upset the WHOLE game....o well...the game was fun..rob, kelly and I were of course beating each other up.haha..jk! we had fun..postgame...we went over to cece's house. Me and rob went to go pick up meg...it was fun bahaha..then back to the hajnas...we waited at cece's for like an hour..then pontious showed up ..and cece, helga and kelly who went out to get stuff to make sand. Cece was a skank ho..who wanted to get the chocolate for dirt..but helga being my girl...got vanilla for me!!! WOOT!! haha..im funny...anyhow...we made sand...pontious andI had a lovely conversation together..i love talking to her...cece and helga had a good convo....we started watching cider house rules..it was a nice night..meg and I were eating cheddar chex mix like it was out JOBIZZLE! a good night..BASICALLY! ..rob left early cuase he had school the next day..So basically pontious and meg left earlier too. So then me, helga, kelly and cece were left. it was like 1:30ish..and we decided to go home....to find out kelly had a flat....so i asked if she had a spare..she said no..then basically..we called cece..mr. hajna came out to blow up the tire to try and fix it...then eventually..helga's dad came to take me and helga home..and mr. foley came to be awesome with kristen....basically helga is an attention whore and her and I kept going into the head lights to be in the spotlight basically...i laid down to act like i got ran over and had black shit all over my clothes...basically we had fun trying to make kelly sane..everything was FINE!

Friday--um...i slept in until like 1 or 2 ish..prolly..I believe...i chilled all day basically..until meg and geri's party at night..Got there from cece..yea..it was me, helga and cecil. We ate, hugged the girls, signed the yearbooks..haha..i saw morgan long..love of my life..obviously...girlfriend too..asked her out..bahaha.....partied..danced...me and katie ryan..love her..like whoa...had a good time overall....haha left at like 9:30...cece and all them already had left..and w/e...i left b/c i needed to continue setting up for my dad's surprise party...I had already cleaned a lot that morning...Went home...rob and I built the pool ladder..did that at 12 in the morning haha...at 11:30 my neighbor delivered some folding chairs...um didnt feel like really doing anything else..but i did more cleaning and got to bed at like 2...b/c rob and i realized when we tried to put the ladder in the pool that we would have to drill a hole in the aluminum so I said..nah. PS..i had driving time that day too..all over 95 like it was my job.

Saturday--woke up 8 o clock..went outside..and mowed...my uncle came over early..we set up canopies etc....he left..the sliding glass door guy caem..and fixed our screen...I went insdie cleaned some more....got a shower....rob and I went out to get some ice and the beer.....came home finished getting things together..nikki didnt do any of the three jobs i asked....cd player, tableclothes and chairs..haha....so eventually rob and I realized we needed another 50 lb bag..so we went back after nikki and bridget came home..got another bag...everything was pretty much ready.. Cousin sue came over, so did uncle from arkansas..and aunt BJ brought most of the food. People showed up..i was given all this slack..haha did everything..helped the caterers..the door guy came back to fix the actual door now...kids crying..got thru it all...mom and dad came home 4 ish. It was nice. he was surprised..i said..okay im done doing work....hung around...drank a little bit..people left..eventually at like 8 i was able to go to grad parties..Went to sara bonner's... stayed there..talked to sara..and jim mccann and amy bonner....then headed to kelly wilkinsons around 9 and well..every1 was gone..so basically...we styaed for 20 minutes..went to Alex's house....hung out there until like 11 ish. Had a good time..had a nice convo with pat....sang some...listened to people sing..laughed..had a heart to heart with patrice..LOVE those...alex and I had a good time and stuff too..it was a nice nice time. we left (me, rob, kelly and helga) we had to go to Ashfrats party..she wasnt even there..she had to pick up her brother's b/f...she came home we all had to leave..it was like 11:30ish...so we came back to my house...watched shriek after my parents fed us.. me and rob drank some, helga had a little bit..kelly watched haha...no it was all a good time..my first shot...woot woot....helga's too. Had fun! kelly left at 2 am haha

Overslept past church..didnt care..slept till 1..haha was extremely tired..woke up and got showered..rob took me to katherine's party...stayed there..it was a good time....met rapko and tiffany from new york. Katherine's sister is hot. haha...We danced to shout and did the turtle...we laughed, lauren, kelly and I made a dance to the cotton eyed joe? on the ground or something haha...then the little gay boy in the pink shirt was twirling and dancing his heart out..and apparently u limbo now by laying on the floor..LOVE IT!! We had a good time..overall..i fell down the hill, katherine laughed at me...katherine and I kissed, her cousin insisted haha....my dad came and took me to wunder's party..it was a good time haha....loved going there...people actually laugh at me there...they love when i talk? haha..and they love my obnoxiousness and stories. Angela and Rich, and Jay and Laur Boy, and kristen coppola and wunder and some junior basketball player girl...it was a good time. Wunder's little sister kissed a boy..Her 7th grade sister is cute and her sophomore sister is HOTTTTTT..haha...those wunders YUM! legends of the hidden temple woo....i really really really enjoyed myself..the food was good..we tlaked about scranton..i cant wait..no lie...I LOVE those cats. haha....anywho...left at like 8:20 ish..i suppose....went back to my house..watched the village with rob.....then later..he left at like 10:20...i called cece chatted with her for a little while..and then FINALLY! Kelly foley and I continued our 11 o clock leave our house sessions. We went for ice cream at wawa..YUm..i got a milkshake she got ice cream and a slurpee haha...we ate it..laughed for a little while..tlaked...always very very nice...then we went to the whore's hosue (patrice) haha..we hung out there until 1:30ish..it was very enjoyable..i went home..haha that was very enjoyable....loved that...loved our tlaks

Now..today...woke up...went for driving time..came home and watched rent with my sister..now chilling until disney meeting tonight..Tropical Storm Alberto..UH OH

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Helga = Elise

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Satan is coming today [06 Jun 2006|03:43pm]
[ mood | hyper ]


Thursday--June 1st----School was a complete waste of time ...we heard this asshole from lasalle talk to us for over an hour adn a half..It was supposed to be about the transition from high school to college...but instead it was all about drinking. basically, telling us not to do it, I laughed b/c..i fell asleep, b/c i kno I wont...and those who do...laughed and fell asleep b/c they know they wont stop. So basically he just wasted our lives. Another funny thing I noticed..is that...u could ask every1 in our grade like wat political party Bush is..and not many will know..but ask them how many ounces are in a red cup..and WA LA!...Its really sad actually..o well...we practiced for the lovely bacc. mass too....it was fine...we then proceeded to get out...i went home had to do some things...prepared and drove down to the cathedral by 5:00....practiced all that jazz.....nhs did a fun wave..as well as passing box with blue cards overhead..it was fun...haha..nevertheless..the mass went well..i sang, alex sang, jeff sang, kelly sang, everything sounded good, looked good, yadda yadda..we left. I raced home to beat traffic...and relaxed the rest of the night knowing the next day was a joke!

Friday--went in school by 9...classes started....cowley's class was too long..100 average...woot woot haha ..major yearbook signage...ditto in every class..its weird..cause like friday was the ONLY day that i ever wanted classes to be longer...unfortunately, they werent. went thru classes almost sad at points to leave certain people and teachers. i realized, its funny how most of these people i will never see again, even tho we always use the line...o call me, we'll hang out, when we all know that we have no intention of hanging out with them. Like for example, my english class....Im pretty sure i will only ever see about 10 of them ever again, and although ill miss their intelligence, b/c it has helped me out, I am not totally upset over the loss. its sad really, to realize that sometimes, you just rnt as close to people as you thought or wished you were. BUT, shit happens, i know im leaving ryan with a shit load of friends and acquaintances...so thats all that matters. After 8th, naturally we went to the auditorium to watch our senior slide show..i was pretty excited..i was in it about 4 times...one pic from the play too..i was pretty stoked..haha...but overall it was the Katie Prince and Paul Micciulla senior slide show...
HAHA LOVE THEM!....after that..distribution of graduation tickets..and then alex and I sped over to the travel agent..naturally..he messed up something...just our luck...better that Alex and I caught it then tho! I was happy about that....as was alex....basically they forgot to order kelly wilk, kelly foley, stoop and cece like hotel stuff..or something..and stoop was on a different flight home than us...O WELL! better that everything is solved...hehe. Friday's plan was to go downtown and go see Godspell! Well, i must say..it was phenomenal...it was Mary, alex, rob, kyle, anthony, patrice, matt and I....Anthony, kyle and patrice had anthony's season tikcets...so me, alex, mary and rob went down early ot get tickets...I scared a "fake"pigeon and then alex shat her pants..we bought our tickets...10 bucks each..somehow..alex and mary and matt got row c orchestra..and me and rob got mezz right row e.......BUT....i am not complaining the seats were great..and the performance was out of this world. The music was phenomenal, and even better was the arrangement of the music, the set was unique, and made us want to play on it like the 4 year olds we are. We had stopped at wawa b4 hand as well. Anyhow, after the show....we got a few people's autographs..I got the girl Marsha..the black one..my girl...who sang day by day..she was phenomenal and naturally i flirted with her..and told her to enjoy her ice cream...and then the 2 other girls as well..they were sweet..they sang stuff too..ijust dont remember...

So funniest thing..was that it was pouring..so alex had her $400 dress.and didnt want to get it ruined..understandable..so rob offered to run and get the car, he asked if any1 wanted to go..i was going to volunteer but matt did..So the 3 of us ...me, mary and alex stayed back. As soon as rob and matt left these 3 gays guys..(friends of the guy who sang by my side, in the girls octave, basically amazingly..and ask mary if u dont believe me...he made her orgasm at least 4 times)...said..Id definitely..get him in the ass.....to matt/rob..who knows whihc....I proceeded to laugh and huddle mary and alex together to tell them...as I huddle mary and alex the guys slowly got closer to me and were staring at my ass..so mary says...and i have a large one at that....Later..mary threw my program on the ground so i would have to bend over to get it..but its okay..b/c they relocated due to the fact that we were talking about them...BUT..my favorite favorite part was the crazy bitch..who proceeeded to say that unlike all the old people who were unsafe having their husbands get the cars..she was smart to stand there...later she danced to day by day as me and alex and mary sang..and she screamed...then she proceeded to talk to me and mary..and mary indeed..being the woman she is....SAID...yes...you should write them *walnut st. theater* a letter to tell them about that....FUNNIEST THING..i blatantly laughed at her.....Then rob and matt came bck to get the ticket we never gave them..haha and then when they picked us up..mary and i complained about being soaked....it was THOROUGHLY enjoyable....

Saturday--Hmmf...woke up..did random shit..im sure...got dropped off at clavin's party at 1:30..laughed with alycia d'a...haha and ate a little.....rob magee and his traffic engineer...wow...and then i spent the day with people i never thought i would have to see again unfortunately..with the exception of courtney clar, alycia d'a..and a few others including jesse blade and anna difillippo. Nayhow..rob was gonna get me at like 4:00 so we could go to meg's...well...apparently i didnt have any service and he had been waiting for 20 minutes so came in and yelled at me..i apologized for my mean father and went to the car. went to meg's..first ones there...we left after like 40 minutes to mingle at other parties and then go back later...love meg's cousin, lauren and mr. o'd. Swikers was next...wasnt that many people there...stayed for a little while...and then went to michele hoang's...sat with corlies, macko, lyons and sister eileen and father bill...ate some..spent some time talking..michele was mingling..so basically left like after an hour and a half....Then went to rob's for a little while...i caled angela to see how to get to jay's...she didnt answer..so we went back to meg's at like 8 ish....i dont remember...i was not leaving to go to jays or dans at that point b/c i didnt have a ride...b/c rob wasnt going to..so w/e...i stayed at meg's...cece and I went for a walk to talk.....rob whipped out his cellular...people left for wawa..so others smoked.....people smoked and laughed..and all that jazz.. Meg laughed...kate and joanna are basically my best friends...i miss them....um....rob left..that was cool....mary and I were ready to go..so we left...with cece and ash frat. basically drove mary home, then me...i bitched for a little while. got a phone call at like 12 ish from a drunk katherine,elise and paul. paul said we had to talk, elise apologized and was funny...they sang we love you Chris..so i knew they were drink b/c no one voluntarilly sings bye bye birdie. haha...anyhow..went to bed..seeing as tho i was exhausted

Sunday--woke up and went to 9:30 mass..it was alright...ate afterwards and then went to patrice's to help her dad with mulch etc. well, kelly picked me and mary up with patrice..we got there and anthony and kyle were already helping...not my fault...mr bendig asked me to hand him some soil..i did..he said alright thats good for nwo..i have to put it down....so i helped take off the pool cover...and then helped the girls take it out front......i then proceeded to help mary clean the cover.....i was the hose..she was the black slave..singing negro spirituals...mopping the thing...w/e...we laughed..but we cleaned...then we went out back again..mary adn I offered to help kyle..they said no to mary b/c she is a girl..or w/e...i asked..kyle said he was okay..so i asked mr. bendig if he needed help ..he didnt..so i went to see patrice's new kitchen as she asked..it was nice..so far...then went back downstairs...asked to help they said no....so then..we had to do the other side of the poolc over..we did..rob showed up post-work..and then i had to clean the awning..and kill the spiderwebs..kyle was angry at me for w/e.reason and told me he would kill me in 7 days..and earlier sprayed me with the hose..so then...i sprayed him...i asked if it was 6 days now..surely it was only 2....so we all got changed.etc....and left to go to eddington house..kelly, patrice, rob and I ordered..and anthony and them got changed..they came later..we all ate and we left. i went to steph's graduation party at the yacht club...it was fun cause there was a moonbounce..which we all surely did...hurt some people..but we were fine..ate some food..laughed had a good time....bridget came..and at like 4 bridget and I had to go...came home..i stopped at lindsays for a half hour to say congrats etc. love her...told melissa id read about her in the obits in about 50 years. came home and got changed for the gala. Went to the gala..rob, alex, jeff, sean and bridget were nominees. got to the red carpet...surely enuff...the paparazzi asked me who i was wearing and complimented my tie...haha...had fun...sat in our seats....the show started..heard tammy sing..laughed at her and the opening number b/c it was like..Welcome to the Cappies or w/e.....basically we had 5 nominations and Alex won...WOO..we screamed really loud...our only victory..but then again Ridley was up for 10 and only won 1 of them. so its better than them..st. joe's won 10 awards..and upper darby, not surprisingly won a few as well......so w/e..we left and sped out of there..after i said hey and congrats to tammy...rob, bridget and I went to Red Robin..to enjoy our night..it was fun.. iwas happy about finishing the busy night and spending it with them..delicious spinach and artichoke dip..YUm

Monday--Woke up..and it was graduation day! WAT?!...haha..got there early and went into the pavilion spent time with amanda, steve, meg, katherine, becky, cece, elise, etc. it was a lot of fun. Went on stage..have to agree with every1 in feeling like it was only a practice. I got an unexpected award..the spanish award for overall excellence or w/e. Um, had a good time talking to mary and laughing at people who cheered for their graduate who prolly sucks at life...As mine and mary's siblings cheered for us and we vowed NEVER to talk to them again. It was very surreal..amanda's speech was phenomenal as I previously mentioned..lauren's was good..and jill's was very well done, a lot more than I expected..and Im extremely happy about that for her..and our grade...overall we have an AMAZING grade and all the teachers think so...and they will surely miss our amazingness..After graduation....pictime...lots with kelly, cece, elise, and me....love us 4 haha.....fun times..pics with every1 else..elise adn i made up..and then amde out haha..LOVE HER..i really do...o goodness..i dont want to leave my friends..i just realized that..i truly dont...I dont know what im gonna do without a lot of them..Maybe later I will write goodbye messages to all of my friends..this summer..like whoa..it will be a long entry..but i love them all...Afterwards...i went to Bertucci's....for lunch..the food was phenomenal..my family enjoyed it...got a pic with alex ETC......left and went home..I was tired and basically just wanted to sleep..so i went home..watched some tv..and relaxed..stoop came over and we watched Newsies..then he left..and i napped...realized i lost macko's invitation so couldnt go to her party...without a ride..or any idea how to get there...so basically...i went to bed at like 11..

Today--woke up..ate..relaxed...went for driving time with my guy from Duncan. haha..it was good, he felt comfortable driving with me..and i feel so comfortable driving now..made 1 stupid mistake tho..he braked during that..but that was it..i wouldnt have killed us..it was just like a ...next time dont do that type of thing. parallel parked...it was enjoyable..my parallel parking is all i need practice with..but its actually fine.i just want to try a lot more on it..and then make sure...i dont get nervous on that part..which I know I wont....alright kids...pretty soon i will have my license...we shall see...much love..tonight..maybe seeing hte omen?..maybe

Much Love

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Wow..i missed a lot ...I KNO [31 May 2006|06:19pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Wow...okay so everything you missed me updating about:

May 19: jac and kerri's grad parties
May 20: Present from Joanne
May 22: Honors Convocation Downtown
May 23: Senior Honors Convocation
May 24: Play Banquet
May 26: My surprise party
May 27: Birthday / NYC to see Phantom
May 28: Shore trip
May 29: Cece's B-Day / Cece's Surprise Party
May 30: Kyle's B-Day/ Broadway Revue

Friday the 19th....Okay..jac paone's grad party..let's see..me, kelly, katherine and um elia got there...we had a good time..i mingled with people...got one of jacque's like fave songs cds......ate...talked to my lover Morgan Long..I <3 her...like its my job..um..danced..then all the beer snatchers got there and had to be drinking it up...Well, rach kolman..spilt her beer all down my leg and on my shirt and all on my arm..iw as a bit pissed..then later...i wanted a quick sip of coke...so i grabbed clav's cup..but no..mistake...alchy in that...haha....so later..i got pics with people and danced and had an overall amazing time...Mrs. paone makes me smile..so like...i wanted to go to kerri's party..but i didnt have a way there...so kelly took me home at like 10:30 with the other people..so like i was gonna ask my apretns to take me..but they couldnt till like 11:30 and the party was over at like 12.....becky was here now too...So we went to wawa..and got some snacks...elise thru plastic at me....we thru wraps at each other...elise dumped ketchup and mayo packets under a ladies car...Some drunk girl collapsed in wawa..and her friend was like.." Thats not funny yo , stop laughing" I basically peed my pants and katherine took a pic..cause i heart her. We screamed things out the window later..like eat my twat, pussy, vagina...roar...etc. HAHA ,..i later called joanne she said the plans fell thru...kinda screwing me for the next day..cause she told me to clear my schedule

Saturday--s oi had absolutely no plans and every1 else had already made them....Cause thats how things work out...So, i was kinda stuck..i dont think i did anything that day...except maybe hang out like late at night with someone..cece maybe? who knows

Sunday -- Uh..lets see..im pretty sure this was the day that kayleigh came over so we could do more of our calculus container ....who really knows...basically...it was too long ago..to be able to tell.....im sure i did something fun? i suppose...i kno that kayleigh came i suppose..and afterwards i kinda just hung out..i guess? I dont know to be honest

Monday-Tuesday basically...boring days
At night for both I had honors convocations. Monday was at the basilica..its funny..how ugly smart people can be.....most of ARHS being the exception..haha...it was an awful thing..and i hated being there for it..and the girl who spoke...spoke entirely too slow..and i hated her for it..but enjoyed amanda picking out her flaws....I also enjoyed singing during the mass..and laughing at the boy singing the gloria.....At school's convocation...i had review practice i think..and then i went and was laughing hysterically for some reason....prolly b/c i sat next to kerri and michele...Got 7 awards, i think, pretty happy with that. perfect conduct, top 10% of w/e, distinguished honors, some military academic thing, knights of colombus award, math for "6 years", and um i dont kno the last one..i forget..o yes..1300 club..haha yea for us! ..i laughed the entire convocation...of course that day i found out about mr. O'donnell so i was pissed..but i still had a good time..thinking about how awesome he is.....

Tuesday i also had a physics and religion assessment...religion was easy..physics was a joke..but i dont care..haha WOO! kelly and kayleigh came over to finish up our project as well...so i was pretty ecstatic.

Wednesday..school picnic..classes sucked...reviewed for exams the following week, fooled around in physics and religion, calc did stuff for the presentations....like a chat/notes..our final project was due...

I went out to dinner with my family that night at on the border for my bday...um got high school musical dvd as well as cd...haha WOO

At night..I had the play banquet. Wow, it was amazing...Awards were given..I got the "The show must go on" award..it was somewhat made up..but i took it...cece and I were a couple for the night.....the djs were awesome..sister kate dancing was awesome...Our singing of For Good and the tear fest afterwards was amazing...and basically, I want to graduate but i dont want to leave these people, these FRIENDS of mine. We did La Vie Boheme on the table and everything..we are basically awesome....and hot...i got a huge blister..but it was worth it..i sweat like a beast..woot!

Thursday--Had off from school..but dont remember what I did at all. watched movies all day? I suppose..i saw Spanglish..i know that...i slept a lot too....this is all i kno...y do i not remember shitty days...ifi did something this day..PLEASE comment and tell me and i will make an edit

Friday--Lets see..started out by going to kayleigh's house to build our container model...me, kelly, kayleigh and jignasha...werew there...me and kayleigh built the model...kelly helped with aligning and painting and such..jig did the thank you cards...or at least made us think she was doing them. so we were done around 4...so rob and i went to go see X-Men: The Final Stand..cause I wanted to see it pretty darn badly. it was actually really good..the little clip after the credits was my favorite..haha...so then i went home to grab me some clothes..and then off to rob's....surprise...PARTY FOR ME!..haha...it was so much fun...freaking hot as anything in the house..but fun...i had 2 strippers...aka alex and patrice...i had friends...i had food...i had laughs...i ate bad food...me patrice and bridget talked about foods and such..fun stuff..we all chatted...i got hugs and fun stuff..like a slide show, a few awesome cards, some awesome frames, some awesome paper plate cards, borders money, disney dollars...lovely friends....woot..i dont know waht else to write..Mary's little letter to me was beautiful..made me want to cry..and i feel the same to her...Patrice's letter and alex's card had the same emotional tug on my heart....i felt loved..and thats ALL that matters!

Saturday--Whoa...rob bought me tickets to go see Phantom of the Opera in NYC....I was floored. First of all..we drove to the train station..got on yada yada...then got to trenton and got onto the train for NYC..it was super crowded..and there was this evil german woman who like pushed some ladies schoolbag...u kno how bitchy old people can be and add in a foreigner...than add in a descendent to hitler..and u have...Kyle..I mean that old lady...>JUST KIDDING KYLE..ur my boy...anyhow..at one point the train was SUPER crowded and this cute little girl wanted to sit down..so the creepy woman picked her up and put her on her lap..i looked at rob to say..thats creepy and looked at the little girl..well her dad looked at me, like i had planned to rape her...i was like..um no buddy...that old german bitch is going to...um so basically..we got to NYC..i was hungry we walked around and then we stopped at a diner...they rushed us to order, eat, and leave..but its okay..cause their cantaloupe was delicious haha. So we walked around..we went to the Toys R' Us because rob was never there..that deprived child..i showed him around..i played with toys..i was a happy camper....then we walkd to the theater...we waited for about 40 minutes and then we went inside..our seats were awesome orchestra Row P...a little obstructed b/c the mezz seating covered our view of the chandelier and the phantom the one time he talked up there. The seats were absolutely phenomenal tho..and the singing was excellent, everything was terrific..the only complaint i habve..abnd i would only make it...if any1 ever said..wat 1 thing did u find wrong.the christine..when she hit her higher register..she sounded very operatic, IS THAT A WORD?, mainly b/c she had been trained in opera and it took away from her pureness a little bit..but her voice was flawless. I enjoyed the show so much..and the chinese girl next to me who asked if it was intercession..i responded yes, it is intermission. haha, goodness....after the show..we left and decided we wanted to try and catch the 5 o clock train so we could eat at home...so we basically followed these 2 girls who thought just like us..dodging new york city walking traffic...we beat them..got on the train..got a seat..and wait until we got to trenton...waited at trenton for a little while, with that sexy later...the sexy black lady..who basically loves me...she asked me if that was the train to tkae us to central philly...she was my homegirl..so basically we got on..called mommy to order us pizza...got off the train and went home...to my house...ate some papa john's. basically..went downstairs and watched some tv...hung out with my parents..laughed..then went to rob's..i stayed over for the shore the next day.

Sunday--The shore day...rob had work...so basically i sat around and watched tv..and ate..haha..then got ready and nikki, lauren, kelly and bridget came and we waited for rob. He got bitchy cause he lost his wallet..and told us to leave without him..we calmed him down, i gave him a tampon..adn then...we left..we had a lot of fun on the way down..we sang..lauren sang...maureen's part haha..she was my favorite, haha..i took funny pictures, nikki magically got us lost going to atlantic city and rob then had to coincidentally drive...the girls were happy about the car of shirtless guys..i danced to sandstorm..and people next to us laughed at me...went to wawa..got 4.00 worht of stuff and broke a $100, basically fun time..we got to north wildwood..parked our fannies on the beach....met up with meg, alex, matt, patrice, kyle, mary, maddy and mike...we hung out...i sunbathed..as did kelly and lauren...bridget and nikki and patrice went int he water...some people took walks..etc...frisbee games...wat not..i wanted color..got a little burnt..but color...saw some ryan kids..aka...julz henry, jillian gasper, melanie sailor, christina diak, erika fulforth, kristne ____, lauren boyle and the mccomskeys haha basically it was a fun time.......we had fun..all that matters.....um later alex and all ofthem left....we had gotten tehre around 2...they left at like 5 ish...we left around 7 ish...waiting for rob and bridget to get back from their "walk" ..he was mad, i told him shut up, we all laughed and smiled and ran to nikki's car..we got changed on the side of the car..it was enjoyable..i am a good sand cleaner...i stood in laurens sun at teh beach she became violent and threatened to kick me in the balls..i was frightened. we then went norht to atlantic city...and ate at applebees..after we saw a gazillion strip malls of amazing stores all with clothes like on sale...American Eagle..75% off..we almost died...."The backs of my legs"..lauren made me laugh most of the day..when she wasnt poking fun at me...we ate..it was fun..i sucked up to the waitress.she was cute i cant help it.....asians rule the world.....we left and found out the traffic was bad wat not..went home..wanted to sleep...we had sunburn..had hot flashes...ended up getting off the wrong exit and being lost past broad street..lucky we came out alive..eventually all got back to rob's...12 ish?...then nikki took us all home..i got in around 1 ish...fun times...had by all!

Monday--had off...good times...prepared the rest of what i was going to say for calculus..then um...had it memorized like it was my job....then went down to the University of Penn Hospital to visit my mom-mom..she is doing pretty good...im happy..b/c now she can come to graduation..woot...i laughed at her making facesa the nasty food and being the deaf woman she is...she thought her roommate's name was Rita Marie....her name was Jean.....HAH...how can u mix them up...oh mom-mom..haha left and eventually went to cece's for her surprise party..we had fun....i got sad at one point...others did 2 b/c of me or w/e...i dont kno wat happened...but i had a good pic of cece..haha..being surprised....we had a grand time.....left around 7:30...then went home and worked on an english paper..it was awful...haha i dont even care...was going to use nikki hackett's but didnt...haha o well..um i was tired...so like....i went to bed after talking with cece

Tuesday--went in to school, grad prac, failed english exam, did calculus presentations..ours went really well..i messed up..but covered it up really well... we went last so we were mucho nervous..practiced in the library a few times..steve timed it..laughed at ourselves...jignasha did great on the powerpoint..showed dickerson our model..he was mad that he could hear me singing all during his 1st or 2nd period..i forget..i said..o well its church music..we laughed...we got a group calculus picture..watched the presentations got blasted with questions from the engineers, it was fun,every1 loved our model, teh northeast time people wanted to interview our group and get pictures of us with our model...exciting we know...i was exhilirated..after the presentations i stayed around for revue practice...didnt go too badly. enjoyed it..despite a fight with me and maddy, whihc really was just a misunderstanding..haha love her.....we laughed at our run thru..and established we would all leave at 5 and would have to be back at school at 6:30 for practice for the 7:30 show. Alex and I set things up...i pushed the stair cases together..we put the podium in the middle of the stage..had used ladders for rent medley, put chairs and music stands for all of the actors...basically..overall..it didnt go that poorly..we had a decent crowd 30-40 people....around...we had a good time..me and alex sang..Light my Candle..it was funny...every1 else sang kristen sang, cece too, then alex got wireless mics, some people didnt kno they had to turn them on..katie wilson sang..I dont kno how to love him..BEAUTIFULLY....kim sang Think of Me..I sang Raoul's part haha, and Defying Gravity AMAZINGLY...Me and Maddy sang Id Give It All For You..i think we sounded awesome...Cell Block Tango..was fun and exciting...differnet..but exciting..patrice's storyline was entertaining. stoop and cece sang all i ask of you..stoop and maddy sang tango maureen. Kelly and Alex sang For Good . Anthony sang...only the good die young. in the end we did a rent medley..um....joe didnt sing very well...........we kinda just joked bout it ....we sang will I..haha seasons of love...basically im not gonna lie...we had fun.....um basically..at the edn we sounded really good...we were done...decided to go to Dairy Queen to celebrate...i got a banana split..it was delicious..naturally i couldnt stay late b/c, spanish exam..got home..decided not to study.and eventaully...feelll asleep....without studying..dont care....basically....

Wednesday--woke up..grad practice...yearbook distribution..voted most likely to become famous..woot..and then um found out my container projcet won and we won $150 dollars each..i basically was floored...um looked at our ranks and stuff...was happy..went to get yearbook signed by people..THEN, had the spanish exam 4th period..didnt care either..so there..HAHA...decided to go home...gordon gave me a ride..Then later..went to stoop's to help him with math and now im here doing this

THAT IS ALL...Graduation is in a few days...

Can I get a "What, What?" haha Love you all!

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Chicken Pants Covered in Gravy [19 May 2006|04:23pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Well..okay last friday was the fun spring fling. Lauren and I decided last minute to go together..we are cute..thats all! haha...um so the school reeked of alcohol almost like 50% of the people there were drunk..it was quite humorous..i enjoyed laughing at them. Let's see...i danced a lot with elise, lauren and kelly per usual.....it seemed very like couply for some reason haha...i hung out with anna and sinny later too. Afterwards..we were supposed to go to the great american..got there...ended up putting in our name and didnt feel like waiting so Me, Elise, Cece, Kelly, Brian, Jim and Dave all left and went to Wawa. i got some apples and peanut butter and a diet iced tea..it was amazing basically.

PS-I am still doing well on my diet and thus far I have lost 18 pounds.....Hooray for me! YEA!

Saturday-- Had to go up to vote for cappies..so me, rob, patrice and kim went up after eating at Bob Evan's. I was happy haha..we got there and voted and shit and then yesterday we found out nominations....First of all each person could only be nominated for 1 thing...and the category they had the best chance of is wat tehy ran in
Alex--Best Female Vocalist
Jeff--Best Male Vocalist
Rob--Best Male Dancer
Orchestra--Best Orchestra
Sean Bradley -- Best Male Cameo Role? EWWW I DESPISE THIS TWIRP!
can i get an AMEN?! haha

voting wasnt bad tho..and afterwards..we went to walmart to get some things...kim got some plants for mothers day at Lowes..it could have easily killed us...Patrice got some posterboard...good times overall

Came home..and at night my calc group came over to work on the projecto...we got a lot of stuff done basically..haha..it is turning out really well done and I basically love kelly and kayleigh for being AWESOME group members!

After they left at like 10:00ish....swiker and cece came to pick me up..and basically we went to cece's for "girls night" haha..mainly b/c i didnt have a way to kait nelson's grad party at that point...So basically i got there and ate for a little and left at like 11:15 haha....we had fuN!

Sunday--Church...after church...i had to go to my grandmom's for mother's day. My mom had a wonderful mother's day..got her flowers, new address book, and some other stuff she loves obviously...haha...so at my grandmom's i love to hang out with the little kids...haha and apparently I do an awesome job b/c they love me, and my cousins trust me with them. I colored with RJ, he drew on my pants...I ran down the hill with kaitlyn...im a child haha...Then after my grandmom's i went to my MOM-MOM's to celebrate mother's day with her..it was fun basically....we ate dessert and just celebrated with one another...she was happy to see me...seeing as tho...I quote "I never see her" haha.

Monday--Friday----Last full week of School...last day of classes for tuesday, thursday, friday. WOOT....Hmmf....may procession on wednesday was successful..haha....practice with sr kate for my own benefit for college stuff.......Um...Cece had a softball game thursday night..i went..it was really fun...the ump and league make up rules...like every 2 times someone hits they get like a free base..haha APPARENTLY....o well..watcha gonan do......Kairos reunion was fun i suppose........ um...Then um wat else did I do..that i enjoyed...um...Tri-M inductions..a very momentous occasion...basically. haha



Tonight: jac and kerri's grad parties
Tomorrow: Present from Joanne
May 22: Honors Convocation Downtown
May 23: Senior Honors Convocation and Senior Social
May 24: Play Banquet
May 27: Birthday
May 29: Cece's B-Day
May 30: Kyle's B-Day
June 1: Graduation Mass
June 4: Cappies Gala
June 5: Graduation
June 14-21: Senior Week in Disney

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Left off for prom [12 May 2006|03:05pm]
[ mood | good ]

Alright...so PROM!

Prom = amazing. ENUFF SAID.....Well, i had a really wonderful date named Kelly Foley. I am really glad we went together and we looked great. Everyone looked great. We met at Alex's before hand. it was a good time. Every had a smile on their face. Got to prom, went thru the teachers etc, prof. pics, pics with like every1 i ever talked to, and then basically ate, and danced our butts off all night. There is no way to describe it basically, i enjoyed prom SO much. Afterwards, we went to the art museum steps to get pics. It was fun. Me, Brian, cece, elisa and kelly stayed a little after alex and them did...we kinda just took it in....then we headed home..stopped at my house to get my belongings and then went back to cece's where we all fell asleep. Except brian and cece, but we all talked about Niglets, haha... i love niglets. Niglets are flying pigs, they are people, they are basically everything in life. And then, i fell asleep on cece's recliner, and she tucked me in so i said..THANK YOU, to her haha....and fell back to sleep. Im funny. anyhow...we woke up like 7:30ish and my dad got me

Saturday---so me and kelly stopped at her house to tell her we were heading out to go to the mountains, we went back to my house, both got showers, i finished packing and it was off to wunder's. Wow...talk about a good time....Me, Kelly, Ann, Rich and Alyssa, Ang and Jay, Frank and Kristen, Gina and Matt. we partied hardy, all weekend. Um i made fun of jay's faker baker. We ate ice cream, and pizza. Aunt Kat is like my favorite person alive...saying she was gonna have a looksie and how much she loved me b/c "Chris busts on everyone" and i was...we enjoyed ourselves. Beach volleyball, me and ann out on the lake on the kayaks, swinging on the swings, suntanning, mau, cards, outburst, "tying bathing suits for 45 minutes", Jay being a protective woman, hikin at the waterfall, emancipations, kelly that is the word haha, i asked the rents, haha, luau night, with the flower and all, maybe ill wear it in my hair tonight haha...i forgot to bring the lei home with me. BLAH...virgin strawberry daiquiris, throwing the football, kicking the soccer ball, cleaning, eating, laughing, dancing...WOW..that basically sums it up.....O and me having butt sex with a tree, and makin out with a bear. haha....Alright

Sunday--so a lot of that stuff was on sunday too, but we came home around 6 ish...we didnt end up getting home till like 8 basically......we had a great weekend....kinda just did some random things around the house and then went to bed...haha....

Monday-Tuesday---Ehh..alright days of school..basically with no h/w...i went driving a lot...my dad told me..he thinks im ready for the test WOOOO...haha...im excited...basically..i just have to wait to turn 18 now..O and fit in the driving classes so my insurance can be discounted. that is all

Wednesday--Basically the chinese acrobats are my favorite thing. We got a pic with them, its on my myspace..i look just like them haha..im hot..haha woo!! they all do look like robots tho...haha other than that wonderful par tof the day..the rest was average..at night..i had to go to the spring concert...we went basically sang 3rd or 4th..w/e....did well..then most of them left to go to Uno's to get us a table..we waited for strings to finish so stoop and elise were done and got the wonderful trip with us to Uno's....me, rob and paul got there and i was mad at paul..for obvious reasons..haha just kidding...so basically..we all ate...lots of misery but we got home..like 10:30...had an important chat with some people later...and didnt got to bed till like 12:45.

Thursday---regular day...finally got to see the multicultural show in 8th. It was great. Crystal, Jac, Teena and um those asian girls...were amazing. I feel like im missing someone. every1 was great tho. haha, so basically, i thoroughly enjoyed watching the show and at night i was fine and just hung out. I was going to go to the connelly thing for ambassadors but i fell asleep and then told alicia i couldnt b/c i fell asleep haha. i wasnt on for tonight so it worked out anyhow

Friday--really easy day in school basically....then me and mary decided we were going to hook up....and then we acted 4 and ripped things up. but we are def making out sometime soon. We are complete stanley and stella...so sex is in our future too. now..im just chilling..bought my mom mother's day flowers..um basically now..im waiting to go start a checking thing with my dad at the bank and then spring flinger tonight..woot.

8 days of school left...wat?! JEALOUS!

Calendar of Events - Still
May 19--Jac Paone's party haha
May 20--Present from joanne
May 22--honors convocation downtown
May 23--Honors convocation for seniors
May 24--last day of school for seniors
May 27-- my birthday and my present from rob assuming its a show..

PS--i apologize for NOT thanking Miss Lauren Clavin and Miss Jacqueline Paone for attending Archbishop Ryan High School's productions of beauty and the beast


THats all

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[04 May 2006|07:32pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Okay..so i missed updating this for awhile...to be honest...i do not feel like typing everything day by day..so ill give a run down

Beauty and the Beast...All for grade schools, and the 21-23 and the 28-30...was amazing. Basically we did phenomenal....Northeast Times loved us..Cappies loved us....we loved us....we were compared to the Walnut Street Theater's and told ours was just as good..if not bettter...haha...Everyone was phenomenal..and overall we had more than 15,000 people come see the show...AMAZING....basically we rock. As upset as I was with my part for the longest time, I know that Im the only person who could have pulled it off to be honest...to be a made-up character is one thing..but to be able to command an audience and to have people not realize my character was made-up is an accomplishment....I dont mean to sound arrogant with that. HAHA...>the last night i cried a little....last show on ryan's stage ever..kinda sad...Miss it...already....haha...gave out the gifts...every1 loved theirs..even molnar haha....with the beautiful mirror engraved by Pop-pop Verna. Haha so let's see night time things

The 21st--went to Club House had a good time after the show..it was late..as it was after every show..b/c it got over so late ..we didnt manage to usually get to our destination until ballpark 11:30..Um..I had a good calll..Kristen told me not to eat the lettuce, it was dirty,...and i said..ur vagina is dirty but people still eat that...It was grand...lots of people were there..hooray for that

The 22nd-- after the show...i have NO idea what i did..i know i did the show..and um afterwards..uhh....UGH...okay..so we all went to pat's only stayed for about an hour and half but had a really gradn time just sitting and chatting BASICALLY...
UGH UGH UGH UGH..i had all these things written and they deleted

the 23rd--ugh haha....I hate rewriting this...okay..so i had the matinee..and i went in early
for the kid's luncheon. Basically...the kids loved me and anthony and our mug dance...We saw Mr. Meredith;s kids, biasini's nieces and nephews and mrs. canning. Also i noticed how me and anthony have a lot of the same parts in plays which is awesome mainly b/c we are awesome and i think they like the way we work together. Okay afterwards we went to the uno's thingie i talked about....haha...it was a tadbit separate but fun..I think me and kyle are finally getting back to the way we used to be..which is awesome..b/c i missed the little goober...but shh..u didnt hear it from me

the 28th--Um there was the little bit of drama b/c we didnt go to kyle's..but it was situated when we explained that we had planend on going out friends b4 hand who werent invited, meg, joanna, kait, paul, becky, nikki, dana, katherine..etc. so basically despite all of that we had a grand time. I really like Joanna and Kate and I think meg should basically bring them around more often b/c they are AWESOME...that is all for that day

the 29th--so basically we went to Matt's...there was entirely to many people there..and i had a bad headache..but me and Nikki Hack had a few great long conversations..haha..she rocks...at one point we went outside to watch the slideshow..senior slideshow created by kyle, maddy and patrice which was absolutely amazing. I got MISTY-EYED but i didnt cry but most people did...it was absolutely terrific i was very happy and i am gonna miss every1 next year..i know i will

the 30th--it was the senior goodbyes...most people cried...i didnt during the show..but sr. kate's speech made me tear up a little...but overall..i enjoyed the last show..a little sad becasue my archbishop ryan high school play career is over. My last 3 years have been devoted to that stage and i am truly going to miss it...Not only it, but every1 involved in it, thru all the drama and stuff..we will always remember the good times, and we've had so many...god im gonna miss every1.

OWW..i want to give every1 their own specialized goodbye but not now..wait until later..so me, alex, kyle, mary and patrice can get extra close and bond and share many moments of fun...and so if u guys dont make rooms in ur schedules..i will track u down and gut u like a fish..LOVE YA GUYS!!

haha..i want to thank every1 who came to see the show....like family and friends so many people supported the show and we are so greatful. My aunt bette, aunt sue, aunt barb, aunt gail, uncle russ, parents, sister, cousins (tina, sue, eddie and jan) basically my grandmoms too..and all my friends like meg, geri, jacki, ashley, katherine,nick and my sister's friends..basically i just am so glad to see how many support me and the plays and everything.


AP Tests this week----Statistics, Calculus and English---what a waste of my life....I enjoyed sister pat's crush on me tho. She loved when i twirled my hair, when i sneezed and she needed an umbrella, and the way i turned down or up the thermostat..i am basically her idol

Estimate on the tests for me:
Calculus --I think i got a 3 or a 4
Statistics --Probable 3
English -- Probable 1 haha

Um...i have missed a lot of school in the past 3 weeks and Im basically really happy about that mainly b/c they are excused absences which is awesome.

13 days of school left...so excited....PROM IS TOMMORROW AND THE MOUNTAINS THIS WEEKEND...

I have finally decided on my college..i decided to attend UNIVERSITY OF SCRANTON CLASS OF 2010..i am really excited for my decision, not only b/c of the school, but also b/c i kno thats where my tachers, my parents and others wanted me to go to, so im really happy with my decision.

I saw Stick It at one point haha --I enjoyed the movie a lot, especially the oriental girl..basically i would go see it again if i could.....

I cant seem to think of anything else that has taken my time up for 3 weeks of my life....
I know i have a busy calendar for May

May 5-Prom
May 10- Spring Concert
May 20--Present from joanne
May 22--honors convocation downtown
May 23--Honors convocation for seniors
May 24--last day of school for seniors
May 27-- my birthday and my present from rob assuming its a show..

and then so on

SO BASICALLY ..i think im done...

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Wow a lot to do [20 Apr 2006|06:44pm]
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So from the 10th on

Monday-Wednesday..basically it was school..sang in the morning for Easter masses had play practices etc. you kno the deal. Haha. So then wednesday, had play practice and as soon as it was over adn i got home..My dad, rob and I headed out to Allegheny College in Meadville. Seeing as tho it is one of my 4 choices left (I chose to knock-out U. of Pitt) I thought that it was important that I visit b/c maybe i wouldnt like it, OR, if i didnt see it, there would always be those what-ifs. So basically..it is about 6-7 hours away. We left around 6:30 at night. We pulled into a hotel in Clarion, a suburb of this already suburb. Haha, we stayed the night and awoke early the next morning to eat the continental breakfast, and of course afterwards to get back on the road for the remainder of the trip. Um we got there..and basically i was expecting it to be so much smaller considering rob lived there for like how ever many years the kid lived there and told me there was basically fields and a person here or there. o yes, the night b4...when we stopped off for dinner, this little girl couldnt reach the lids, so rob asked her if she wanted help, she replied no, and then told her brother to do it..I then proceeded to laugh and say that rob scared the child....Really isnt that funny when its typed out..now is it....anyhow..so...i went to see the college.

We went for a tour, I got pissed, first of all..b/c i was a Trustee Scholarship Recipient it is like the President of the Country walked in, I was sent out on my own private tour..haha..it was quite lovely..I was pissed b/c I really like the school, but not enuff to just knock off the other 3...it's so difficult. anyhow..so then rob went out to eat with his g-mom who just got out of the hospital..well, i got to meet with my admissions counselor..and he likes to talk..a lot..he also thinks there are 31 days in april..is this a sign. HAha, i did like how he had to impress ME, not the other way around. it was nice, i got a lot of questions answered..and we went to finanical aid..weren't surprised with the results..A-holes. haha..so basically after that..i went to the cafeteria to eat..and be like a cool kid..with my dad..haha...so then I loved the food..how does that even happen..so i ate...it was a fun set-up i gave them a coupon and was able to eat whatever I wanted in the entire cafeteria..as did every1 else. So then after that..rob got dropped off back by the school..at this point it was only 1 ish...so basically...he wanted to show us the lake and the toner's house. Well we went to guam and saw the toner's house. They were there..they are like friends of the stoops. Their house was right on the lake and it was gorgeous..they gave me and my dad a tour of the house....we then took a walk (me, dad and rob) to the carnival and stuff, the hotel by the lake house...it was nice...then the toners took us out on the boat..it was beautiful....i was in love with just sitting there..in the sun..i got a nice little tan...haha it was a good day for me. afterwards..basiclaly at like 4 ish..we started to come home and we got home after some stops for food and bathroom ballparked 11:30.

Friday-- so woke up..ate all that crap....and laid around..attempted some math h/w b/c i knew i wasnt going to have much time to do it later in the weekend. At night..i was talkin to rob, and i had forgotten about the kairos leader get together..so naturally...i told him i had told them i would go....so cece came to pick me up..we were supposed to go bowling or something..me and anna didnt want to ....so basically..me, sinny, anna, nick, annamarie, cece, meg and lauren kinda stayed at cece's. Annamarie spilled all over her pants..dumbshit. Haha..love her....so then every1 at the mccomskeys harassed annamarie...so we said we would go for like 20 minutes...max...well we got to the party..naturally they were all drinking..it was fun tho..i watched the people play beer pong, even posed in a pic with a beer just to be "cool" haha....love leann....haha.....then basically an hour and a half later..we left... cece took meg, and lauren home. I forgot sinny at one point...who wasnt drinking b/c he was driving....got a beer dumped on him....when kate was excited her team won..i felt so bad for him...haha..anyhow..so then cece took me home and we chatted for a little while..it was fun...

Saturday -- hmmf..so yea..an interesting morning haha....so basically the day was rest and relax.then at night i wanted to do something and called every1...cept the people i knew were doing something (alex had work, maddy was with her mom, I called patrice and i thought mary was with her (she was at mass), i also thought kyle was, which made me feel bad, b/c i assumed...im an ass for assuming.) Anyhow..it came down to me, cece and rob after kelly bailed on us, elise was working and lauren was down the shore.so i said..call court mum..we did...she said sure..and asked if al and jojo could come..i said yea....they got here.. i felt bad...cause we werent al and jojo's type of people and vice versa...but we all shared being hungry together. So jojo decided on McDonalds, we went and basically ate and chatted about how im fat...haha it was quite pleasant..and i enjoyed the night BASICALLY!

Sunday--Easter Sunday..beautiful day..woke up and went to 9:30 mass...the mass was beautiful..went home for a little then headed to jersey to spend time with my dad's family...so basically..i still hate my cousin brian and his ego..but love the rest of the family. My cousin michelle has a 2 and a half year old who is spoiled and..has always been afraid of my hair..but then tends to love me ..and wants to spend time with me..She is beauitful...long blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes..her parents are going to have to watch her when she grows up....with the guys...anyhow so my cousin michelle decided to show the baby (kaitlyn) that she could put the easter basket grass in my hair..and i would shake my head and let it fall off...well...that lasted about an hour...so u can tell i was tired of it. We did a jelly bean contest again..um basically..they are jealous that my family always wins so they rigged it..then my aunt created a deal or no deal game where we had to decide on an egg on a tray..then after that we were all offered the egg in my aunt's hand..and the person with the black jelly bean won a $25 gift certificate to Olive Garden..SHOCKER...my aunt's son won...BASTARD..haha anyhow...i was playing with Kaitlyn..with the eggs..and she was so cute..she would open the eggs and say..(empty) haha then i filled one with a pretzel..and she couldnt get it open ..so she said..(can you open please) and I did and she said..(wow, presszel) haha basically i love her..SHE IS MY GIRL...um she also loves expensive snow globes.....Besdies the baby i spent a lot of time with my family talking about college and they were no help....my cousin jan said i should put a jelly bean in 4 eggs ..pick one corresponding to each college..and if i hesitate if i want to go to the one i picked then well...it isnt right..it didnt work out..then i told the joke about...U ruined my life bitch..and me, my mom, my cuz jan and my aunt barb...had a laughing fit for about 10 minutes..we were all crying..it was a grand time..
After jersey..went to somerton....spent day at cousin tina's...mom's side. the best thing about the night was when um...we put the poopie list on the bathroom door and my family actually signed which one they did...it was a pretty damn good day..as i said it would be. anyhow..the night wore on...we laughed the food was delicious...the stoops stopped by and we exchanged easter baskets..haha it was fun..i got a fun easter basket from both my parents and rob's parents...it was a good day...Sudoku, clue, candy, gum, peeps, peach rings, carrot gum..terrific

Monday--early play practice..it was enjoyable not..i was really worried we got there at 9...didnt start till 1 ish..then we got done at like 4ish..and every1 went home..only doing 1 awful run-thru..i had no faith at this point

tuesday--i didnt care about school b/c i would be at play wednesday and thursday...so basically..after school we had like practice all night..it went until 10:30..even tho we finished at like 9:30..b/c they all think they need to give us 1000 notes..and then they go on tangents..Ms Williams is like...well chris u should have more books, my son once had a lot of books, who were created by john updike..and the life story of john updike is.....she just goes on pointless tangents and talks TOO much...and she is a C U Next Tuesday! so at 10:30..becky grillo's mom came screaming in that it was ridiculously late and that we should be done rehearsel...haha....i agreed with her..but not her approach.

wednesday--first show was juniors and seniors....well morris said the show had to be an hour and a half..so we butchered the show down...of course we didnt kno wat was cut until we were about to go on for it..that made me angry.haha...but regardless we all did amazing..considering it looked so shitty monday and kinda shitty tuesday. the grade school show wwas terrific too..it could get better tho..so after school...had to stay after for sister alice..did that..then went to rob's..we watched a movie and basically i was home by 6 and ate dinner and hung out at my house..then i did some h/w.....Alex had gotten rob and I that morning..haha she overslept..as ddi i a little... rob came all the way to my house to get me and bakc to his house then me, rob and alex went to wawa and school.......

Thursday--today..was not so bad...Fresh/Soph show..they got to see a little bit more than the juniors and seniors..but overall about the same stuff. Awful audience..but overall i think the ryan kids loved it. haha, anyhow...the grade school show was fun too..i dont kno what else to write except the notes were forever again...i had NHS..and then i made up sister alice quizzes..went to rob's and watched some of Wolf Creek..and now im home..thats all..i dont kno what to do for h/w..thereofre im not going to...thats all

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Hmmf...Last update was the 27th? [09 Apr 2006|09:05am]
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Wow...so my last update was the 27th..and i feel like i am slacking on this journal! Okay

So the rest of the week of the 27th..was full of exams and tests and such and making up work before I had to leave for Kairos. It was not fun, let me tell you. Haha, it doesnt really matter though b/c my grades arent all that bad this quarter. So basically after school consisted of Kairos and play meetings out the kazoo. So friday rolled around

Friday-- After school stayed for Kairos until like 6, had fun fooling around and getting work done. Did some toe touches..it was a grand time. Hmmmf..at night im struggling to remember what I did....AH YES!!..Robert and I decided to go see Judge's version of beauty and the Beast. We met amanda mundy and lauren corleis and one of amanda's friends Katie there. It was very entertaining to say the least, I am not going to lie when I say that our show is 1000x better. With the exception of a few very good characters and actors, we take the cake in everything else. O well, we can't help being amazing all the time. JK But considering we need an update on how the play is going let's see. As every1 knows we have

Miss Alexandra Verna playing Belle, Alex hasnt seized to amaze me in how much she wants this part. She was teh first one to have all of her lines down, and has the blocking, for the most part, to the tee. She is doing phenomenal and A Change In Me, will prolly evoke tears

Mr. Jeffrey Lanigan--Our beast, wonderful, all his lines are down and he is doing terrific...If I Can't Love Her = Tear-jerker

Mr. David Kirby -- Dave has really stepped it up in the past few months..in the beginning i was a little worried, but I see how much work Dave is putting in, and I do not deny the fact that he will do a very good job as our Gaston

Hmmf...Okay i really dont feel like doing this anymore..so um Kelly Foley, Kim Graf, Anthony Azzolina, Kyle Norton, Maddy,Cece and Kristen, Matt Brandt, Brittany Holdahl, Jake Nuxoll, are all playing their parts particularly well. Every1 is ready to get the show on the road...


Saturday--hmmf...hung around the house, did some h/w for a little while. Dont remember what I did in the morning at all.....o wait..yes...I went to the University of Scranton with Daddy for Preview Day..It was a nice day..spent it with Ms. Angela Wright..and I truly miss her....Got a personal tour of the amazing theater and stuff.and thats about all Um...then at 5:30 rob and I were going to leave to go see Fame, the musical at Spring-Ford H.S. for the Cappies. While on the way we hit a lot of traffic and called Anthony and Patrice to see where they were at...they told us they were lost and decided to turn around and go home...we said okay. We got lost at one point and were worried that the show was at 7...we got to Spring-Ford at like 7:05 and ran inside, only to find out later when i called Patrice it was a 7:30 show...so we got in sat with the Cappies and relaxed. Rob and I made some new friends...Tammy, Sarah, Tammy's b/f, and lauren..haha from Ridley...we bonded over how awful their play was. Seriously the microphones didnt work, half the time..and when they did I wished they hadnt...It was so funny..o well...we all bonded and wrote notes to one another..There were drunk girls behind us, who proceeded to talk to me, 1 telling me that I was cute, i politely smiled and rolled my eyes at her drunk ass. So we got home at like 1 b/c the traffic was awful and we also took like an hour after the show for every1 to vote for the damn cappies thing. It was STUPID..haha...came home..wrote my review..which SOMEHOW managed to get published....haha in their school paper...WOW..haha and then basically um did some things for Kairos.

Sunday---woke up..went to school for the communion breakfast as an ambassador, it was fun..at um 11ish..cece and I went back to her house to get changed. We cahnged for Kairos b/c we were leaving at like 2ish...anyhow..so we came back..did some practice for Beauty and the Beast...it was curtain calls and the finale and stuff..it was fun I guess..haha..so we left to leave for Kairos at like 2 o clock. Well..lucky for us...we still had work to do...then as we were all getting ready to leave we were missing 2 people, it was okay they came like half hour late and just road up with me and mr. mcardle..and father bill and Nick. Ps...Mr. McArdle..still a robot outside of school..as an FYI....haha...Kairos was Phenomenal...it was terrfici and amazing. I laughed, I cried, I smiled...HEY GIRL --Jill Gasper is my new girlfriend. Im not gonna lie, Basically, You're hot.....Hmmf..Mary and I seem to be getting much better..and Im quite excited about that..she knows how I feel about things..seeing as we told each other..haha..it was a much needed talk and Im glad it happened b/c like somewhere like Kairos we are so much more understanding. Woo...so hopefully..things will begin to mellow out and we can all go back to just enjoying each other's company. I wish and hope! Um...everything went really well too at Kairos..Sinny, Cece, Anna, Annamarie, Nick and I got really close..as did Megan....it was hard for us to get really close to Lauren and Andrew but like. we tried, regardless of what they might say. came home Wednesday, having had a great great great time..haha......at peace really...

Thursday--Um school consisted of what I thought would be making up a gazillion things of work..but it wasnt...it was a pretty chill day..had some h/w..but nothing I couldnt handle...had play..I think..did some h/w...it was and all in all..pretty okay day

Friday--MAde up a test I missed, had a pretty good time with everything in school, excited it was a friday knowing i only have 2 and a half days next week. But prolly a shit load of Easter Assignments..I'm assuming. After school..hung around talking to Nick, Fr. Bill and Sister Eileen..till mom could get me..Then after mom got me..went home. Did some h/w..and all that good stuff..and got ready for prom. Uh..lets see...rob and cece got to my house at like 6:00....Junior Prom..o the fun...haha...then we headed to Bridget's house and naturally took 1000 pics...haha....We met Matt and Shannon, Courtney and Nick *BRIAN* and um Shannon and Gerard there. We all got into the limo and had a good time on the way to prom. Got there, met the taechers, ate..Or in my case..spit out..the food....drank some drinks....danced our butts off..unfortunately..my plate was killing me from bending down to grind with bridget...so w/e....At one point I saw girl, Jill, whose dress was beautiful, all by herself..like wanting to go home..I was so sad for her..we talked and danced with her..then later at like 10:45, me, rob, cece and bridegt went to go relax b/c well, we were all exhausted still, from Kairos, I talked to Laur Clav who was a bit in pain from her foot too..she looked ravishing. The night concluded when we left at like 11:15, took the limo around stopping at a WAWA..which was entertaining..we danced in the store and acted like weirdos...We picked on Courtney all night..I took pics of her boobs and we threw stuff down her shirt, it was basically a good plan. we all crashed after we dropped matt and shannon and Maddy's house. it was likeall our energy was sucked out. GOt to bridget's, rob, cece and I went home to rob's and basically all conked out at our houses.

Saturday-- Um woke up...slept a little late...realized we didnt feel like driving down the shore b/c it was raining so we decided to sleep a little more..THen we called bridget and cece and basically asked them whyat they wanted to do. Cece was still sleeping, hahah..so laterwe got them both at like 1:30 and went to neshaminy mall to return rob's vest. Um, we were hungry and ate at the food court, we added rob to our senior week trip, we stoppped in FYE, i bought american idol board game..hit me up if u wanna play..b/c kelly foley is basically the only one whO TRULY wants to play, went in Aeropostale..bought 3 shirts, cece bought 1 ..and we got a free beach towel...Then went to the movie..Stay Alive..very entertaining..not emmy worthy..but kept my interest pretty well.. Left from there and traveled back to Rob's..only then to go to Cece's. We stayed at cece's and all looked tired...ate santuccis and then sat and wondered what we should do...7:30 rolled around and we decided we would go to Nucci's to visit elise..so we did...got ourselves some gelato..and I got myself a free medium water ice..MANGO..it was delicious..after staying and talking for a little...we went to the calvary thing for "free food, a DJ, etc"..we stayed about 10 minutes and left...Um then went to kelly foley's b/c we were close to the house, and b/c well she is kelly foley..sat in her house until like 10 minutes alter she realized we had been listening to her sing the entire time...laughed..sang for a little...kelly was excited about AMerican Idol..and tehn we left to take bridget home...from there..we went to my house to get some things together...and basically for me to say HI to my parents..then basically we left...dropped kelly and cece off and we called it a night

Today--Uh.church....later...then play later..and that should be it...

OKAY.....O btw..Dartmouth is a no go...Villa,Swarth and Penn all consider me Waitlistable ...so we shall see where I decide to go

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Pretty Good Week Basically [17 Mar 2006|04:11pm]
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Hmmf okay last friday...

Meg, Swiker, Rob, Cece, Elise, Kelly and I went to go see The Hills Have Eyes...I am saying this as a friend and a lover of all movies...dont go see it...Its stupid and completely pointless. It was especially funny when elise and kelly had a 45 minute bathroom break where they filled out applications b/c the "line was so long"....I created a little care package for every1 with gum, candy, poprocks gum, other stuff..it was grand...we all had fun....Hello...Hello....DADDY DADDY DADDY!! HAha afterwards..we left and went to my hosue for a little while....Basicallyi made all their hungry asses ..bagel bites..woo..elise loves bagel bites..monkey dance....ahha...and basically every1 left later..they took a lot of pictures and stuff..it was grand

Saturday--Hmmf...early afternoon..uh..i feel like i did something..O YES...I left early to go to patrice's becasue Anthony, Patrice, Kim, Jackie Scott, Rob and I were all going to see Big "The Musical" at Plymouth Whitemarsh..first of all..the mapquest directions lied to us but w/e...b4 we left..we all went out to eat by the little diner across from kohl's...it was delicious..tho the one kid thought i was hot..and he was TOTALLY creeping me out...but w/e...so we left with walkie talkies..that was fun...we kept calling each other on the walkie talkies and finally we got out of range...and basically after getting lost b/c of mapquest...we got to the schoool...got int he room...saw the show....and critiqued it with the other cappies..I am not going to lie when I say that the best person in their cast could have been replaced by our best company members...their cast wasnt really a;ll that talented the Susan could act but thats about it...When we all talked about it..this one btich just disagreed with me b/c she is a whore..haha..rob tried to act all intelligent when he spoke and anthony pointed out teh way he ever so gently touched his neck....basically the ryan kids were the best ones there..but...but ..but..their auditorium was amazing and their freaking seats were soft..i am thoroughly jealous...so we came home..and then me and rob went out to olive garden for meg's bday..it was phenomenal..it was me, meg, rob, geri, meg, elise,lauren, cece..and then joanne and kait shwoed up later and I love them. Basically joanne and kait think im funny..and i think kait's funny..we came back to meg's...i drove stoops car for a little while...then we all went inside..and hid from meg and yelled surpirse..THEN..i svaed her life..her hair caught on fire..and i hit it out..it was tremendous..haha we all ate cake and liked it...then i had to go home naturally b/c....grr..penn interview

Sunday--Um...church...thanks to kyle and his good memory (SARCASM) haha....i didnt have play on sunday..which means..i most definitely went to 9:30 or 11:30 mass...Umm..i think..uh....ii drove..and then lets see...ummm....WHOA..at 12:30 i had my penn interview at Champps...I wasnt really nervous. My guy, he was like super nice..we just basically talked..i think i scrwed up some questions but ultimately it went okay....went home did some h/w..then had to do something at school when play was done and stuff...and basically later..rob and i watched a movie and he went home and i did more h/w.

Monday-Friday ...full week basically everything was flucked up

I got something I really wanted..really badly...like SOO badly..and um...sister alice said she didnt support my decision and basically throughout the week a lot of my teachers said the same thing..so I said..im going anyway..cause they cant keep me from going. W/e im going anyway..Sr alice and I duked it out..and i kno im right..and so wat if im self-centered for it..when in reality IM NOT

Um im doing okay in my classes so thats not conerning

Chorus--sounds pretty good..we are also doing Seasons of Love from Rent at the Spring Concert..that should be extremely entertaining....umm practice went pretty well this week for chorus

Play--ehh..it was okay this week..I Suppose...practice today for gaston...ugh...we do a cup dance at least...haha its corny but w/e.....jealous

Mommy is really sick this week but I love her..so she'll get better..I drove again with daddy to staples or somewhere like that..haha it was fun....um thats all so far..Um I leave soon...woo get too it kids

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